Dog Brothers Martial Arts.

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    Well, at the Gatherings the general rule is that you will start with something in your hands, but it is perfectly acceptable for you to drop it at any time if you want to work your no weapons material. Of course, the other guy probably won't drop his as well. :D
  2. Fujian Animal

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    i heard the co-founder of the dog brothers was influenced by jeet kune do
  3. Hannibal

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    Pretty much all of the Dog Brothers were/are students of Guro Inosanto and continue to be so to this day

    "Lucky Dog" Burton Richardson is arguably teh most visible of them in terms of JKD/DB ration, but "Crafty Dog" Marc Denny has an extensive background too and still trains with Guro Dan (and can actually be seen in early Vunak tapes)
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    Never thought about it before but Dog brothers martial arts is kind of what JKD is supposed to be ,but actully working.
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    Los Triques Kali Tudo are a good watch. If you have not trained in FMA or Krebi Krebong or Vale Tudo you should watch them and get to your nearest FMA/ Muay-Krebi krebong/ MMA gym now!
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    I would just like to add that by the very nature of FMA there is tradition but there is a tradition of "adopt and adapt". The Islands have been invaded and occupied so many times and we've had so many insurgencies that this mindset of "evolving" the art isn't new to us.

    Case in point, during WW2, there was a system developed around the use of bayonets. It evolved from the spear techniques and long knife techniques but it evolved to include the limitations and advantages of the weapon in the forest and in the bush.
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    I think their stuff is great. You need various levels of contact and opponents to work through material that you can actually use. I took a seminar a long time ago and it was excellent. A good approach to training.
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    Yes. I remember reading years ago in "Balisong" by Cacoy 'Boy' Hernandez that the balisong came about because Filipinos used straight razors called "Inox" (brand name) tied to toothbrush handles and similiar (like a prison shank).

    They then wanted to conceal the blade. So strapped two toothbrush handles together. And the blade was popped inside.

    That then changed to something that could 'open out' quickly ala a flick knife.

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