Does anyone have any " Fred Villari" clips?

Discussion in 'Kenpo' started by shaolinmonkmark, Mar 19, 2007.

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    Thanks Punk.


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    Now that is refreshing :D Good one.
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    LOL, I hear ya..back quite a while ago, my wife Kathy was judging a forms division at some open tournament in Rhode Island and one of the participants began a Tai Chi form. This judge sittng next to Kathy leans over and says to her, "Look, I gotta go take a sh_t but when I get back I'm sure he'll still be doing the form." And the judge gets up and leaves, lol. She could hardly keep a straight face trying to score this poor guy. - Joe

    PS: Oh, and yep, when the judge got back he was still doing the form, lol.
  4. BGile

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    I'd like to go back to this post and look at the various techs and weapons displayed. Can any one break it down as to why it is not a good display of what is done.

    We are not judging as a rule, looking and trying to discern, those who are doing it for a score are much better at the form but not necessarily being transferred into being able to fight better, as some have mentioned...The good the bad and the ugly of what is being displayed is what I am after, reasonable is a good term I believe to be attached to this thread? I personally like forms to be displayed at a slower pace.

    They mention that to go at a slower speed takes more precision, I find that to be true, precision and muscles are needed to be good. Takes a lot of practice. You see some performed with power and precision, I believe that is the way to go, speed will follow.
    I think of it like the metronome in music if you set it at what you want the speed (pace)to be, sort of like when they beat a drum to keep the pace correct. Of course you can go freestyle later but to learn by keeping pace is the best I believe. Marching bands and drill teams would be lost with out pace being set. Two man set is similar.

    Drills with the stick in FMA sounds cool while you are doing it, to a rhythm (unison). Some like it some don't. ;)

    If you are into weapons it is nice to see uniformity while the class is practicing. Looks good. :D

    I notice on the speed bag if you are doing a new tech on it like hitting from the rear or side (instead of just straight on) if you go slower, it is then built up as time goes by (speed)...About the time you have completed around 1000 hits you are starting to get it pretty good. It is mentioned by many trainers I notice.

    There are some DVDs out that you can slow down or speed up to see the various ways it is applied and it is very good to do. I am not sure if that is just because of my program or the DVD's, but I like it.

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    That's right :yeleyes:
  6. Gufbal1981

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    Honestly, they are students. Remember when you first got your black belt and thought faster meant better? They haven't gotten to the level where faster just means faster...not better.
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    No. He doesn't.
  8. Gufbal1981

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    Well, how about you then, or do you not have that brain capacity? It was a generalized question used to prove a point.
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    When I got my black belt I thought this would happen....
  10. Gufbal1981

    Gufbal1981 waiting to train...

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    Hi Guf,

    Dan T is correct I have no belt formally, I am not into them and so I am beltless except for a white one. I don't wear Gi's anymore, it is just training attire of the gym set.
    He was not being disrespectul like I mis-mentioned on prior occasion.

    You are correct Dan T.. The reason for the mention is it seemed that you sort of set the pace for the picture Dan W. did. Like maybe a team effort. But I'll not concern myself with that stuff anymore, it is pointless.

    So, I'll apologize about the mis-statement. The videos were very neat... I enjoyed them.

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    I'm blushing Gary

  15. Nuck Chorris

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    Wow. I finally met someone who is as much of an ******* online as I usually am.
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    Gary, if you come to NY I'll teach you and test you some Kempo crap and grade you myself up to at least orange or blue belt, so you don't have to keep saying you only have a white belt. I'll do it for 50 bucks ;)
  17. Nuck Chorris

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    Hell. I promote him to black if I can put him on the family tree as Crazy Gary
  18. KempoFist

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    He probably is more qualified to wear a black belt than most BB's I've met anyways :rolleyes:
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    Well, we are both're 6 years and 1 day older than I am. Who knows...maybe we're a match! LOL
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    I don't know if he's down with Ke?po chicks though.....they always seem to have a propensity for 'accidental' groin shots....

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