Do you/have you smoked tobacco?

Discussion in 'Survey' started by Judderman, May 7, 2004.


Have you or do you smoke tobbacco?

  1. Never smoked

    398 vote(s)
  2. I quit

    238 vote(s)
  3. I smoke, but only socially

    78 vote(s)
  4. I'm a smoker

    106 vote(s)
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  1. Infrazael

    Infrazael Banned Banned

    Yeah dip is terrible . Disgusting and taste bad and everything .

    Smoking is so much more sexy. (especially if girl does it . . .)
  2. DaeHanL

    DaeHanL FortuneCracker

    wha? when a girl smokes i instantly lose any interest in them.
  3. Southpaw535

    Southpaw535 Well-Known Member Moderator Supporter

    who wants that round your........:evil:
    but seriously i dont find the smoking whore look sexy personally. it just makes me feel sexually threatened
  4. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    mmmm ashtray snogging - tasty :D
  5. DaeHanL

    DaeHanL FortuneCracker

    exactly! and of course the 'sweet' smell of their hair, lol
  6. Dhalsim-on

    Dhalsim-on Banned Banned

    Yeah smoking women are a definite turn off.

    In terms of the OP, I used to smoke when I was a teenager. Not that much tobacco just a bit of the old wacky. I quit that years ago, now I do have the occasional cigarette when I'm drunk... because I enjoy it. (*advertising begins) However I will only smoke Natural American Spirits because they're pure organic tobacco with no chemicals in.

    Its not the tobacco thats so bad for people. Its all the NASTY chemicals and additives. Obviously smoking tobacco isn't good for you, especially the tar content, but all that chlorine, cyanide, formaldehyde etc. makes it 1000 times worse. So if you do smoke.. do yourself a favour and smoke natural americans. They're quite expensive but well worth it.
    (*advertising ends)

    I looked up cigarette ingredients a while back and I do wonder how the hell people who smoke 30 a day actually survive as long as they do. It's a testament to the strength of the human body.

    People that nag about smoking though, annoy the hell out of me. Self rightous fools. They should look into depleted uranium, industrial pollution, barium levels etc. in the air before blaming smokers for every nasty particulate in peoples lungs. imho
  7. Unsung Hero

    Unsung Hero That Isshin Ryu guy

    I've been smoking since I was 17....but I recently quit smoking cigarettes, mainly for health reasons, I'd prefer not to inhale the smoke.

    So with that said, I still smoke the occassional Cigar (when I can afford it), and I'm one of the only people I know who still smokes a pipe, haha. It's definitley a social thing.
  8. progdan

    progdan Valued Member

    Never have, never will, and I do try to hold my breath when passing a smoker...

    And yeah, a girl smoking is an instant put-off...
  9. 7heTexanRebel

    7heTexanRebel Valid Member

    Never smoked, nor do I plan to. A lot of smokers I know cough up black soot when they run! :wow:
  10. ColaMike

    ColaMike Valued Member

    When I was a young kid, I used to. All of the adults did, so I figured it was fine. Stopped not to long afterwords.
  11. Toki_Nakayama

    Toki_Nakayama Valued Member

    err....for ciggarettes i started when i was 21 or 22. personally its hasnt really affected training. when i switched over from navy to army i saw alot of improvement in physical fitness and martial arts trainning.
  12. warriorofanart

    warriorofanart Valued Member

    I have smoked for the past two years.

    I quit in February, and I'm glad I did.
  13. Rhizome

    Rhizome Super Valued Member

    i used to smoke daily for years now i only smoke when i drink.

    find it impossible to have a drink without a cig.
  14. Ciar2001

    Ciar2001 New Member Supporter

    Smoked since I was 25 now 38, currently in the middle of trying to quit, using the Allen Carr method and reading his book, have quit in the past only to restart, usually restart due to being in said pub or home having a drink!

    to be honest I hate it but as most smokers know it's bloody hard to quit, i find taking a beating in martial arts far easier to suffer.
  15. seiken steve

    seiken steve golden member

    i smoked between the ages of 14 and 17.

    by the time i quit io was having 15 on a weekday and 20 weekend days.

    i went cold turkey, i was a TW@ for 2 weeks then i relised i'd made the best dission of my life, im now fitter faster stronger and more flexable than i've ever been and only getting better.

    i still stand by that it enjoyable but the nagatives out weighed the possatives for me.
    i found training became a substitute, now not a day goes by when i don't do a little bit of training, and its on my mind all the time, im the first to admit i've an addictive personallity, thats why i need to be carefull with drink, drugs and fags.
  16. Vendettav2b

    Vendettav2b New Member

    1 year today smoke free.

    was on 40 a day or so then went to 0 like that!
  17. warriorofanart

    warriorofanart Valued Member

    Awesome :cool:

    I just started smoking today again. I'm planning to cut it by the end of my college spring break.

    It's tempting when stress builds up again.
  18. 47MartialMan

    47MartialMan Valued Member

    I could never try it let alone be around it. I had asthma in my youth
  19. Goodkat

    Goodkat Valued Member

    I used to smoke socially, then a bit more with uni exam stress etc, and now I've packed it in.
  20. MatsunoCj

    MatsunoCj Jujitsu rookie

    never have, could never stand being around it so i never had any desire to breathe it in on purpose

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