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  1. axelb

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    I've seen in the past DNA tests available to help you determine how your body best reacts to nutrition, activities and recovery.

    I've seen more athletes using this to help with their programming, more recently I noticed Eddie Hall mention it more often, and a few Olympic athletes.

    They seem to range in cost from £100 upward to a few hundred for the more detailed tests.

    With the problems I've had, I wondered about doing one of these to see if I can optimise my training regime.

    They cover how your body reacts to various nutrition, whether your body is better with power/endurance, max vo2, recovery rate and your susceptibility to injury.

    Has anyone looked into these and what are your thoughts on their validity?

    Part of me thought is that may not be useful information if you already spent decades finding the information out in your own journey of trial and error.
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  5. icefield

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    Stan efferding was asked about this recently he said its really not very useful as what we actually know about DNA profiling and it's effect in the body is in its infancy, it's a money spinner, take care of diet and sleep first and foremost and those two will have the biggest impact on progression for 99% of athletes especially recreational athletes
    Now looking at blood work is a different thing, but as recreational athletes the basics will make more difference than expensive testing
  6. axelb

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    Nice find, Interesting investigation, and seems to conclude much to what I was suspicious of about it.

    Good to see your input on this, it seems that maybe it could help elite athletes if the DNA profiling becomes better in the future, but I got the impression that there was a lot of assumption work as part of the process in exchange for a large slice of people's wage.

    It probably sells well to people who want to throw money around instead of resting and eating properly :D
  7. icefield

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    It reminds me a bit of the supplement industry billions made from it, loads of bias research done by the companies themselves and only really a handful (2 or 3maybe) have been proved to work and those bcaas, creative and protein can all be gained from eating correctly, as can the vast majority of the minerals and vitamins you need
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