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    One of my pursuits is proper eating lately. Just as I`m starting to run and swim again, I`ll be spending time lifting weights and generally building strength.

    I am a thin, flexible guy, and am really light on my feet. Both characters I will be keeping. However I want to gain weight. In an interview with B.J. Penn in blackbelt magazine he said "Nutrition is important; you`ve got to eat the right foods. You`ve got to have a nutritionist or a friend who knows nutrition because if you`re just working out and not eating right, your wasting your time."

    I train a guy who used to be into body building, and when it comes to nutrition he knows his stuff. But I`m looking for alot of suggestions, so here are the type of foods I`m looking for;

    I`m trying to gain weight in both muscle and good fat. List them for me.

    Startches- Other then Potato`s (Which I love) what other vegetables are good for energy?

    First and for most which fruits do you highly reccomend for energy? I understand that apples are good.

    I understand there is the "leg" rule. The less legs the more protein, making chicken really good, but fish just about the best. Which type of fish has about the most protein?

    I am looking for enough healthy foods to eat for all my meals, all week. SO variety helps alot. I am concerned with gaining good weight, developing strong muscle, having more energy, and calcium and all of that good stuff.

    Teach me something.
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    You should ask a mod to move this to the health and fitness forum. You will get MUCH better advice.
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    I'm no expert but if you just want bulk, I'd say you want to focus on eating lean meats such as turkey, chicken and you can probally get away with beef once in a while. For the rest of your diet try make most of it starchy carbs such as bread, potatoes, pasta ect. You will also want to eat fruits and vegtables to stay healthy. I'd leave out the fats. I also drink a pint of semi skinned milk a day.

    Thats all I have, but im an ammatuer when it comes to things like nutrition, so good luck.
  4. adouglasmhor

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    Beef nowadays has less fat than chicken dude - has done for a good few years too.
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    Does this mean I should stop eating spiders for the protein. :D
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    I've heard bannanas are good for energy but I'm no expert.
  7. Verx

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    No comment

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