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Discussion in 'Self Defence' started by puma, Aug 2, 2009.

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    Clear what up? I only asked a couple of what I thought were simple questions. But it got diverted, which to me indicates something. I know you are trying to put things back on me by trying to say I am scared to make a phone call. But that is just silly. A diversion maybe? There are lots of interesting people on here. But I won't be phoning every single one up for a chat. I am sure he is a nice bloke. I'd like to think I am too. But I don't really need to know any more thank you. I've seen the clips, read what he has said. I seen enough I think. Like I said, I know lots of doorman that are also martial artists. He isn't the only one. So there isn't much more to talk about.
  2. Sandy

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    I for one am very grateful to have someone with Dennis' experience posting here on MAP.

    I couldn't agree more.

    In the context of the first video clip being training for a pre-emptive strike, then it looks highly effective to me! Self-protection isn't martial arts: adrenal stress, guile, deception, verbal skills and "the fence" are rarely taught in martial arts.

    Whilst I don't know Dennis, I've trained under Geoff Thompson and his chief instructors Matty Evans and Tony Somers. Presuming Dennis is punching with similar power to these guys, then you have to feel it to believe it. One punch is enough. No video does this justice.
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  3. Putrid

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    Your ideas about effective ways of punching in the street.If you read Roy Shaw's biography you will find he says almost the same things that Dennis has said even to the point of walking up to a man and hitting him without telegraphing his intention.The people who have done it for real in the street all seem to have come to the same conclusion and it dosen't look like anything seen in a sporting competition,or for that matter,in most martial arts dojo.Shaw points out that the distance is completely different in a street fight and you have to make the first shot count.

    I have known quite a few bouncers over the years and very few of them were good fighters.Most relied on their physical size to put people off and others had mastered the art of intimidation.Since the introduction of the SAI badge the bouncers role has changed to that of a private security guard and he is there to observe rather than intervene.
  4. karl52

    karl52 openminded

    Puma wrote,

    When i look at this clip of Manny Pacquiao his hips are drove forward and also his head moves rapidly in the direction hes punching as he sends the shot home,i find anybody that hits with any kind of real power tends to use the same basics to hit hard the only differences are by the nature of the training.
    In a boxing ring theres set out rules point scoring etc and thats very different from training for the one shot ko. But i still think they all use the same basic way of power generation when they strike ko power mainly useing there body first to build up the shot then the hand go’s last

    Heres a clip of manny knocking out Ricky Hatton, at around 55 seconds theres an overhead view you can see his hips are drove forward on the side hes punching with, and also his head moves rapidly in the direction of his strike and on impact it drives rapidly forward putting full bodyweight into the impact,its actually very similar to the way dennis strikes,they both use their own body to build up power before the hand/arm strikes using a similar kinetic chain


    sandy wrote,
    ive trained with a couple of Geoffs guys they tend to lean towards the double hip for the pre-emtive shots and they do hit pretty damn hard,but having trained with dennis as well in my own personal opinion id say Dennis hits significantly harder,i also find the way he strikes is alot easier to throw reapeated shots,he reminds me a lot of tyson lauching the full body weight into the strike

  5. Van Zandt

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    Thanks for posting that Pacquiao/Hatton video. Incredible puncher.
  6. puma

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    What a punch that was. I thought it was going to be a tough fight, but Pacquiao just demolished him.
  7. puma

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    There is no definite distance in a real fight. It depends on the situation. To also say it doesn't look like anything in any kind of sport punch also isn't necessarily true. Look at the Pacquiao knockout. You don't think he could do that for real? I think he could. He trains to knock people out doesn't he? And this is where it gets confusing. You say that a 'street' punch looks nothing like a 'sporting' punch, and that Dennis is a master of the street. Then Karl52 comes on here, who trains with Dennis, and compares him to Tyson (which is a bit over the top I think) and Pacquiao in some ways. It's a bit all over the place.

    As for your point about the bouncers, I think if they use their size or have mastered the 'art of intimidation' as you put it, what is wrong with that? If that stops problems without people getting hurt, then good job I say.
  8. puma

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    Oh, I meant to say also, that I recently read a book by Dave Hazzard. The techniques from the dojo seemed to work on the street for him, as they have for lots of other martial artists, so again, so to say a punch from the dojo wouldn't work for real again doesn't really add up. Punches from the dojo aren't always performed in Zenkutsu-dachi with the spare hand on the hip.

    I've read Roy Shaw's book, and Lenny Mclean. (Did I spell that right?). A little off topic, but there was an interesting article in Boxing Monthly this month where Tyson Fury's dad mentions them.
  9. fire cobra

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    Although I dont think anyone on this thread is underestimating sporting martial arts(here Im thinking of Muay Thai,MMA and Boxing ) It would be a mistake to do so,until you stand in front of someone who is high level at their art it is hard to get a real appreciation of things such as the power they have and more importantly(from my own recent experience) the tricks and deception they use.

    As a example my Muay Thai teacher in Thailand when taking me on the pads or sparring often tells me to stop,when I do he hits me! or he will suddenly point at the floor and if I look down..he hits me! he calls my name out loud and if I reply..he hits me! he also ties my arms up in the ropes,he catches my leg and puts it over the ropes,oh so many tricks in the pro game,Boxers, Thai boxers etc all learn to hit hard,keep going under pressure,dig in deep,all important things in any fight,but they also learn the art of deceiving people and not being deceived.

    I guess my point is sometimes "sporting arts and sportsmen are not so sporting!,so people like Paquiao can hit hard and are hard to hit themselves without any sort of set up and to set them up physically or verbally is also not a easy job,remember they get paid by being awitched on!.

    Sorry if this post is a bit irrelevant but I figured it may put another viewpoint on sport arts.:)
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  10. Moi

    Moi Warriors live forever x

    I did that in a fight in school, way back when. The guy stopped and I sucker-punched him. I was a nice child:evil:
  11. puma

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    No, it wasn't irrelevant at all Fire Cobra. Good points. Personally, I would certainly rather a professional fighter, say Pacquiao, on my side than against me!
  12. Van Zandt

    Van Zandt Mr. High Kick

    Excellent points Fire Cobra.
  13. puma

    puma Valued Member is worth a look. Has some bag work on there. Now he looks like he can dig!
  14. karl52

    karl52 openminded

    I think theres a lot of doormen out there that could be considered "professional fighters" as well:)
  15. Van Zandt

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  16. fire cobra

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    Thanks for the kind comments guys:)
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    i am looking Dennis Jones contact info

    hi my name is jack fortune and i am looking Dennis Jones contact info as i want to get hold of him to catch up as its been a long time sin i last spoke to him at st Nicholas school. if anyone has a contact info for him or if Dennis Jones see this can you text or call me on number removed thank you
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    Welcome to MAP.

    I'm afraid that in order to protect our members we don't allow personal contact details.

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