defeating the ego.....a rant

Discussion in 'General Martial Arts Discussion' started by royalrd, Dec 13, 2009.

  1. slipthejab

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    Who thinks up crap like this?!?! What an absolute load of shingle!!!
    Comedy gold! It's like the winner of the worst writing contest!!
  2. Smitfire

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    I see a great deal of Djinn activity in these forums

    I think it's more like "gin" activity.
    Brilliant post though Neil. So close to being real, which is the sign of a good parody.
  3. Crane Strike

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    That's why I say the mythical Bruce Lee. I'm sure the Lee you get to know from what we wrote and what he said in movies is different from the guy his friends knew. :) But I don't know that man, I just know what he gave us.
  4. Yohan

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    With a name like Neil there's no way you're a girl. That's just creepy.
  5. Dudelove

    Dudelove Valued Member


    Please watch this 10 minute video...


    Here's is another video about trauma bonding (a common mind control tactic and one that Simon employs masterfully)...


    And please pick up a copy of the book; Combatting cult mind control by Steve Hassan.


    You have deep seated emotional vulnerabilities (like I used to) that make you susceptible to emotional manipulation by charismatic cult leaders like Simon.

    Like all cults initially your taught things that help you gain self-knowledge and help in life, later on that emotional leverage (feeling indebted) is used as a tool of manipulation to influence you to do things against your own integrity.

    To be frank with you Neil....

    Your not special, your not part of 'god's army being trained to fight for Imam Mehdi'. Simon isn't a on a 'secret mission', he has never been directly told that by any Shaykh, it's something he's created in his own mind.

    Simon is a troubled person who has taken you and his students into his fantasy world, he has damaged many lives and hearts because of his narcissistic and manipulative ways and that's why I felt compelled to reply to this thread, and why I'm replying to you now.

    Neil have you ever spoken to any of his ex students? Especially the female ones - Simon wanted to do alot more than 'liberate their hearts'.

    Myself and his ex students were threatened, and bullied, simply for wanting to leave his class. I understand where you are now, you've been brainwashed to beleive that it is 'your ego' if you question Simon or his teachings, you've been conditioned to believe it's 'difficult to stay on the path'.

    If Simon and his 'many friends' would like to come on this forum they are free to do so, but I assure you I'm not the one who's being exposed on here.

    Neil, the best advice I can give you - and what allowed me to emotionally 'move away' from Simon - is to directly tell his 'many friends' and teachers what Simon has been teaching you about himself and 'the path'. You'll then see how much you've been lied to, and then you will face a real choice and one of the most difficult emotionally that you'll face in your life.
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  6. Dudelove

    Dudelove Valued Member

    I wanted to highlight this.

    Simon isn't on a 'secret mission from God' the 'power or undefinable something' that you feel from Simon - when he speaks or when you think about 'the path' - is because of trauma bonding. He's created a very powerful neurological association within you about him, he's manipulated you via your emotional vulnerablities to feel he's very 'significant'.

    He isn't a wali/saint/holy man - the only one's historically that kind of thing is said about - are you saying that he is?

    Hypothetically speaking, are holy men addicted to marijuana? Do they have deep seated anger issues? Are they womanizers? Do they steal by not paying back substantial loans? Hypothetically speaking.
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  7. neil bailey

    neil bailey Banned Banned

    u guys are so peaceful up in here! Lol. The truth is hard to handle which brings me 2 a quote that the great james de mile always used. "then follow me with an open mind and an openheart to a place within where flowers grow from stone, for the truth is hard to find but even harde to hold". Where's your love and compassion people?
  8. neil bailey

    neil bailey Banned Banned

    nobody ever said that simon was a saint i've known the man for a long time whilst u have known him 4 very little. Never judge a book by its cover and one should never cast aspersions. I'm a humble man and try to follow my heart at all times. We shouldn't be embroiling ourselves in puerile battles. If people feel so badly about it then they should either put up or shut up! If simon unsettles u all so much then why don't u meet with him and air your views. Your accussations are venomous and unsubstantiated. You're provoking negative thought forms which is a great shame. Many of u sound as though u want to fight simon, if that's the case then get in the ring with him i'd put him against any of u if it's a challenge that u want. To me that's not the right path, but by certain peoples implications that's the path they want. Why are u so viteruperative about simon (and yes i use big words as i wish to enhance my language at every opportunity and not dilute it like a ribena berry) if some feel challenged by that then i'm sorry. I'm not special i have far more 2 learn, feel and absorb. So do u all...
  9. neil bailey

    neil bailey Banned Banned

    very mature retort ckava. Why are u bringing other gods into the equation. There is only 1 and we were made in his image.
  10. neil bailey

    neil bailey Banned Banned

    @slipthejab. Juvenile quip, what's 'bwahahaaha' you need you're nappy changing bro?
  11. neil bailey

    neil bailey Banned Banned

    @dudelove there's no pointing in embarking on a psychological analaysis of me or any type of profiling, i'm well versed and educated in these methods. As i've said i'm not simons student and i have my own mind and heart. This is slander and defamation of character, why do u harbor such animosity, it can't be good 4 ur health.
  12. seiken steve

    seiken steve golden member

    ego is just one of three parts to the presonality acording to freud.

    the other two being the super ego and the ID.

    im on a timed computer i cant expand sorry.
  13. Dudelove

    Dudelove Valued Member

    Either you a guy doing an incredible parody, or you're deeply brainwashed.

    You've insulted myself and the MAP forum posters, and you've posted thinly disguised ad hominem... and you're trying to teach us spirituality and about 'having a open heart' right?
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  14. Dudelove

    Dudelove Valued Member

    I doubt you've never been his student, and I doubt you have formally learned psychology, if you did you'd see that your 'friend' is a narcissistic cult leader. If Simon sat down for 1 hr with a trained psychotherapist they'd see through him to the core.

    Neil your mind games and attempts at invoking low self image and self doubt, aren't going to make me self censor and stop writing about my experiences with Simon - just so your clear on that.
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  15. Dudelove

    Dudelove Valued Member

    You've said that an affront to him is an affront to God, historically that has only been said about saints/holy men. If he isn't, then it isn't.

    So hypothetically speaking someone can have those characteristics that I mentioned and the are still 'on a secret mission to unite all religions and create an soldiers for God'? You've been taught that his unethical behaviour and bad character is a 'veil' that the 'closed hearted/ignorant' can't see beyond, it's simply who he is bro.

    You've know Simon for a long time but I've never met you in my time studying with him? Ok.

    Did simon ask or (not so subtly) hint for you to post here? Please answer that question.

    Humble people don't state that they are, by definition that isn't humility. True humble people don't know they are, and don't declare they are.

    Sometimes it's wise to follow our intellects and educate ourselves to make sound judgement, the heart can be swayed by those who know how to manipulate it.

    Did you check out those videos? Will you read that book?

    Love and compassion, eh? That went out the window quickly.

    This is what happens when you question the devotee of a cult leader, below the surface of 'enlightenment and kind guidance' is deep hostillity when their beliefs are challenged.

    Wouldn't want to meet him face to face, he's pretty mentally unstable. I personally don't think he'd do anything (he's in no fit state), but his devoted and brainwashed student would probably want to physically retaliate for my words online.

    Like I said he's free to come on here and write, and not hide behind you Neil and his student K.

    Why are you adding fuel to the fire and upping the ante by bringing challenges into the conversation. Noone brought that up until you did. And just in case you're not aware of the previous post in this thread, it was Simon's student K (or someone posing as K like I beleive) who threatened myself and US martial in post and subsequently got himself banned. If you don't believe that it's the right path then I suggest you share that with K or Simon or whoever wrote that threatening post that caused them to be banned.
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  16. neil bailey

    neil bailey Banned Banned

    there's no threats just promises. Ur diverting from the pertinent questions. Surely u understand that 2 projecct negativity only proliferates it further... What are ur intentions dude?
  17. neil bailey

    neil bailey Banned Banned

    for 1 moment find it within yourself 2 seperate me from my friendship with si. Talk 2 me on a level dude. I'm not here to elevate myself above anybody or 2 take sides. I just find ur purpose very divisive. If u are a true man and believe in 1 god then u will 4give whatever u deem 2 be negative towards u.
  18. Dudelove

    Dudelove Valued Member


    I'll write it again - any attempts at invoking a negative self image or self-doubt isn't going to work, I'm not going to self-censor because of any mind games on your part.

    My intention is to warn people about Simon, but mainly to warn people in general about martial arts cults.

    If you care about Simon you'll introduce him to a Shaykh/Hindu Guru and get him to tell the Shaykh/Guru everything about what he believes and teaches, so they can clean up his understanding of religion and ethics.

    You also need to get him in touch with professional psychological help to work through the deep psychological problems like narcissism and possibly paranoid schizophrenia that he may also have, and any possible substance addictions.

    Your not helping him by helping him to live in his fantasy world where he is 'significant in human history' and on a 'divine mission to create God's soldiers'.

    He needs to confront reality, however I'm not naive enough to beleive that emotionally he can cope with that task without professional, spiritual and emotional support - I hope you can provide him with the psychological support that he need to work through his problems.

    Simon needs to have the courage to tell people openly what he beleives and what he does.

    He needs to have the courage to be humbled, humiliated and to feel vulnerable, which is what will happen to him once he begins to take a serious look at himself in the mirror. Many before him have had the courage to see themselves as they really are, I hope he can too - I'm willing to forgive him and be his friend if he's willing to do that.

    Simon needs to stop hiding behind Neil Bailey and K-Force.
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  19. CKava

    CKava Just one more thing... Supporter

    3 things Neil:

    1. Txt speak is not permitted on the forum. Please post full words.
    2. What did you mean by "no threats only promises"?
    3. If you are just here to promote your religious views or to try and silence criticism of what appears to be a very dubious martial arts group then I suggest it's best if you just leave it be. Prosleytising isn't what this forum is for nor will we permit individuals to post solely for the purpose of trying to discourage discussion.

    I would suggest heeding points 1 and 3 and answering point 2 clearly.
  20. neil bailey

    neil bailey Banned Banned

    ckava i have never heard so much drivel in all my life. Instead of answering my questions with a mature response u ask rhetorical questions. We see through your facade and sinister agenda. It's axiomatic to most that you have ulterior motives. This is energy vampire activity, you'll never destroy simon's spirit, just makes it stronger. This is clear provocation and you are showing yourselves up.

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