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    Black Belt in the new issue put a little side post on Leduc's ban but it seems much deeper than this. Leduc claims it was with the oldest governing body that banned him and he is with WLC, the new organization, but the new organization hasnt held competitions since mid-2019 so we assume it went under after the military coup. The WLC also did respond either way once the letter and ban happened which seems to say they either didnt want to be involved, supported the ban or went under and there was no one to respond. Its odd also Leduc asked the older organization to represent Lethwei in Cyprus Greece which they pulled support for as well. Why would he ask the old governing body for sanction to represent lethwei in cyprus when he said he is not part of them and they are nothing? Cyprus now has an identity representing Lethwei and Leduc left for Turkey.

    What seems missing as well is the ban in Thailand, which the promoters got together and advanced I believe to the ministry of culture. The whole mess from the looks of it started in 2020 when Leduc started attacking Buakaw and saying he was scared of accepting a fight with him. It came to be known Leduc never contacted or came to the talk with either of Buakaw's managers, promoter or Buakaw himself thus making it a one sided rant. Finally, Buakaws manager issued a statement saying it was all false news and Leduc retreated with his tail between his legs. Flash forward again to this year, and Leduc ramps it up even more saying again Buakaw is scared, talks about his not paying his baby mama money that is owed and other childist nonsense, lethwei will smash Muay Thai, and Thai history in regards to Lethwei is wrong and on and on...Leduc evidently has very little knowledge of history and how both countries work. He tried to pit them against one another and instead they united and banned him which probably came as a shock to him. He blew it off as him just talking smack and it doesnt bother him and its all nothing. But its precedent setting when a competitor gets banned from two countries simultaneously. I cant remember this happening to anyone and i did a check if this ever happened before in Myanmar, Thailand or cambodia and i could find nothing.

    I would imagine with WLC under water would make Leduc an ex champion and the Gold Belt thing is a myanmar competition and its doubtful he will be going back anytime soon(though the ban in Myanmar is for two years and the thai one doesnt have a date length on it) so that could be an ex-champ as well thing. Leduc hasnt accepted any fights in the interim.

    It hard to find any good articles on this. It seems they are all focused on what Leduc says and nothing balanced or even asking for details from thailand or Myanmar. Seems a good investigative article is in order, maybe black belt will tackle it all in the future. Interesting to see what develops.

    I know much of what I read comes from him and his people and looking for a more rounded view including insights from people who know more about the Myanmar and Burma angle. Seems ripe for a great investigative article bridging both sides. 231698048_4820059364688623_3637150757508097423_n.jpg

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