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Discussion in 'Judo' started by Geordie Boy, Aug 12, 2003.

  1. Geordie Boy

    Geordie Boy New Member

    Hi ,
    Having dabbled a little lately in some wrestling, the first thing that came to my attention was after two mins i was breathing out of my ****! You guys must be really fit.
    So what excercises ,conditioning means do you have. How do you keep in shape for wrestling
  2. Casado

    Casado Valued Member

    Depends what area of fitness you want to improve. Also, I ought to say I'm not a wrestler, but here's my opinion. Basic areas of sports training are strength, endurance and speed. There are also further conditioning techniques for things like flexability.

    If you were out of breath maybe you need to do a bit of endurance training. Running, cycling, swimming, rowing machine, circuit training etc. will help with this. It maybe also that you are a little bit weak in which case try a bit of strength training by using weights. It's worth taking note that fatigue is often due to lack of strength rather than lack of endurance.

    Hope this helps!
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  3. thiaboxr2

    thiaboxr2 New Member

    I practice BJJ not Judo. Never the less, I get exhausted during the first 1/2 hour of class. And I still have an hour left!

    I found thats its a whole new endurance when working grappling and throws compared to thia boxing. I improved my conditioning and endurance FOR grappling THROUGH grappling.

    -Do 5 minute grappling rounds then switch opponents and repeat.

    -"monkey climbs a tree". Its a drill that will strenghten your legs. You need a partner for this. YOU stand up, feet about shoulder width. Have your opponent start climbing on and around you.(you are supporting his weight) He does not touch the ground. Its as if he is moving from the mounted position to the rear mount and back to the front mount. All this while YOU are standing. Then switch. Now your turn to "climb".

    I do the above in class from time to time.

    -constant drilling techniques with someone who will provide some resistance.

    Ive been doing this for 6 months now and can go for an hour on the mat nonstop. just takes time.
  4. SoKKlab

    SoKKlab The Cwtch of Death!

    Wow, I don't think much of your Muay Thai training then, it seems to lack any Chap Ko clinch work/ grappling (?). Clinchwork is about the hardest thing there is, particularly when you are adding in strikesand you should be doing loads of it in your Muay Thai!
  5. SoKKlab

    SoKKlab The Cwtch of Death!

    To Answer Geordie Boys original question...
    Apart from Grappling and more Grappling-which is best advice, some good drills are (Particularly if there's some competition):

    Wall to Wall sprints in sets. Sprint from one wall to the other and repeat.

    Wheelbarrow walk races (Partner holds your legs and you walk on yr hands across mats, then they go, repeat until fade etc).

    Snake Across the floor. Slither your way across the mats as fast as you can, using first only yr arms to pull you across, then do ones with arms and legs like a commando crawl.

    Firemans Carry and Lifts, mix in some Squats in the Firemans Carry position (Watch your knees).

    Piggyback races(Twenty yard runs with a partner on yr back then swop over, repeat til knackered)

    Partner Squats (Ie They're on yr back).

    Circle Drill-you are in the circle, you wrestle each person for thirty seconds, with a ten second break between partners, keep going til you feel like puking!

    Loads more. You can get a pamphlet off the Wrestling Association in Salford Gtr Manchester, which has more ideas for Endurance, stretching and partner drills in it. Contact them.
  6. thiaboxr2

    thiaboxr2 New Member

    There is plenty of grappling in MT. Its just a different endurance game compared to grappling for me. Its the punching and kicking that get my endurance up in MT. On the mat its the constant grappling a new opponent every 5 minutes no matter what their experience is.(instructor/student)

    I do not get tired of the clinch/plum in MT because it is not the only skill we spend a day working on. It definitly is one we work on almost every day but toss in the double kicks, knees, hand combos along with the clinch it becomes one heck of a workout.
    But I find myself never breathing as heavy as I am when it comes to grappling.
    In grappling your almost always in contact, constantly trying to get the superior position without backing off to create a 3 foot circle around you.
    In MT There is plenty of space between you and your opponent. You can TRY to avoid the clinch and worry about punches and roundhouse kicks. You are never constantly punching or kicking nonstop.

    Anyways, constant grappling is one of the ways to improve ones endurance. There are MANY other ways that are great to. Try as many as possible:)
  7. SoKKlab

    SoKKlab The Cwtch of Death!

    Well, I do both and although I see your point, you should be absolutely Cream Crackered by doing clinch work and if you are not out of breath then you're not trying hard enuff!.

    I personally find NHB stuff easier than MT, but maybe I'm a pervert (?).

    Any art where you get the option of lying down a bit, even if somene is trying to twist you into spaghetti hoops, is alright by me :).

    And yeah Grappling is the best thing for Grappling.

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