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Discussion in 'Internal Martial Arts' started by Taiji_Lou, Dec 29, 2010.

  1. Taiji_Lou

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    Hey fellas,

    There's a BUNCH of you on here that know a lot about IMAs and taiji and qigong so here's my question and I'll keep it super brief:

    Does anyone have a physiological explanation of the sensations generated when I perform condensing breathing? Wicked freaky.....

    Thanks for your time!
  2. Patrick Smith

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    I haven't done much researching about this topic, but I did read once that in an experiment a scientist tracked heat movement and concentration in a persons body during meditation/condensing breathing. I don't remember much about it though... it's an interesting topic.
  3. RazielSabith

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    From what I've been told by my Sefu, Chi is the electronic pulses in your body (the energy that flows through and around us.) when you do your breathing exercises you manipulate this energy sending it to varies parts of the body. This is done using your mind when you focus on your breathing. Thus the "weird" sensations is you feeling this energy moving to places in your body in larger amounts.
  4. inthespirit

    inthespirit ignant

    Lou, can you give me a brief description of the "condensing breathing" you do?
  5. Guyin

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    Simple answer is, no!

    There are no explanations of any 'internal M.arts' that are conclusive, and it's more-often-than-not anecdotal 'airy fairy' bullshite that attempts to give a definition of 'Chi'.

    However, having spent 18 months training as a shiatsu therapist, where the concept of 'chi' is a prerequisite to passing any exams I can personally testify (and with my colleagues verification).....Some things happen/are experienced that are beyond comprehension, trying to define why 'cause and effect' really happens can be quite a headache.

    So, to conclude, no, there are no explanations, and I would suggest anyone offering one is talking from their rear orifice!!
  6. El Medico

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    Then this electricity should be able to be measured,just like temperature,blood pressure,etc.Anyone done that?

    As the OP (Lou) didn't state what kind of sensations he was feeling no explanation can be offered, however,there are plenty of things one may feel when practicing various training methods which can have very mundane explanations.

    A lot of sensations can simply be due to the fact that as a result of one's concentration one feels things which normally are not noticed,but are there. How often due most people feel their heart beating? But sit in a pitch black room and do nothing and you'll feel all kinds of stuff inside the body.

    It's just many things are normally glossed over by our sensory awareness-otherwise we'd get sensory overload.Difficult to study for a calculus exam if your constantly aware of the actions of your intestines,lungs,heart,etc.

    As to ch'i,there are lots (lots and lots) of correct definitions/usages of the term which can be totally unrelated to one another.
  7. Guyin

    Guyin Old Cynic

    I can't disagree with that.

    Chi, when used in the context of martial arts is commonly used by people who have no idea what they are talking about - it's akin to talking about 'magic'.i.e 'Chi power, chi balls, "direct your chi at him", use your chi to redirect his chi, etc. etc. adinfinitum....
    To use that phrase again (the one I don't understand :) ) It's all a bit "wishy-washy" when it comes down to a definitive explanation.
  8. leftwingtaoist

    leftwingtaoist Valued Member

    Taiji luo

    don't look for freaky things or wondrous experience when doing chi kung. this is a path to madness and serious health damage. condensing breathing will generate chi pressure in your body. it will also increase the fire in your body. if you are not able to switch your mind off, and even worse if you are looking for thrills from chi kung, all that condensed energy will end up in your head and can cause serious damage.
    first rule of chi kung is clear your mind. if you can't clear your mind you should not be attempting any energy works. Then regulate your breathing. If you can't do lower dantien breathing you should not attempt any chi kung. then regulate your chi. then preserve your chi. then gather your chi. then direct your chi.
  9. Pretty In Pink

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    Fixed. :D
  10. JRRodriguezIV

    JRRodriguezIV Valued Member

    What you are experiencing is just one of thousands of other experiences, or what I tell my students: 1/1000th of an experience.

    What you should do is either stick with it, or 'delete' it. Since we are martial artists (I'm speaking for myself and my students), we 'delete' everything not related to the martial arts. :cool:

    Good luck,

    JR Rodriguez IV

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