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Discussion in 'Koryu Bujutsu' started by Bronze Statue, Oct 18, 2008.

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    In Korantoh, where is the first cut targeting? I'm assuming it's not quite like Shohattoh, since the opponent isn't necessarily coming up from sitting down. (My instructor teaches this waza entirely standing and not starting from seiza, so I'm assuming it's not the same as Shohattoh in that regard.)
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    Your clueless question isn’t.
    It illustrates the need to “ask your sensei”. For such a simple question illustrates a range of “correct” answers.

    Within many MJER lines the application or bunkai for Oikaze (a.k.a. Koranto) is taught as that you are running down the enemy and cutting him across his lower back.

    However is that an absolute interpretation? No. There are differing interpretations within MJER & MSR groups.

    Whereas the bunkai I described above may only be considered a variant (kaewaza) within your school, not the “standard” as taught by your line’s headmaster. Which is often why variations are not talked about with beginning students – so their head’s won’t explode. Practice the standard first, again & again – then we’ll talk about it more later – a few years later.
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    i agree
    this is a question for your instructor

    were you doing omori just as a kaewaza or a change in class
    im guessing by your name for the form you are shinden

    the bunkai can vary between chasing a moving target or creeping up on someone etc
    but as far as i know the cut is the same as in mae, but it needs to be across the fleshy lower back
    so the stance needs to be quite low

    i asked iwata sensei why this one starts standing where as the rest are all in seiza
    he said there was no answer for the question except just because :D

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