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Discussion in 'Kung Fu' started by herbert, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. herbert

    herbert Valued Member

    I keep coming across references to the "100 national treasures" and other similar lists of great Gong fu masters.

    Does anyone know where there is a definitive list of these masters?
  2. MAman56

    MAman56 Valued Member

    could you be coming across the list of 108 "stars from heaven"(from the books outlaws of the marsh)? or is the list modern as in 20th century-present masters?
  3. CFT

    CFT Valued Member

    I think it is a fairly modern PRC quasi-governmental list that one or more martial arts committee etc. will put put every now and again.
  4. MAman56

    MAman56 Valued Member

    ohh, ok never mind what I said earlier then, that actually would be pretty cool list to see
  5. herbert

    herbert Valued Member

    Yep, it's a modern list showing alot of the old masters that are still alive today.

    Obviously names such as

    Sun Jianyun, Daughter of Sun LuTang,

    Chen Xiao Wang

    Feng Jing Chun

    Wang Bo

    Feng Zhi Qiang

    Wei Shu Ren

    Zhao Zeng Fu

    well that's 7 or 6 now as Sun JianYun has passed away.

    So only 94 more to find.

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