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Discussion in 'Thai Boxing' started by Swimming Dragon, Feb 15, 2008.

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    How much cheaper is equipment to buy in Thailand? need some new pads, gloves etc... Any ideas? I will be in Bangkok in April.If so, is it best to post back home or carry as luggage or both? Any advice appreciated :)
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    Equipment in Thailand

    I'm not sure, cause I've never traaveled to Thailand.

    However, a website I buy Twins gear out of operates out of Bangkok. The website is here

    They have Twins gloves on there for as low as $30, I think.

    Since they are out of Bangkok maybe that gives you some idea?
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    Yes gear overall is cheaper in Thailand. There are a bunch of brands to choose from. But if you buy at Fairtex gym (they also have the factory there as well) it's not going to be all that much cheaper. Hmm... on second thought that depends on where your at and what you're paying in your country. But Fairtex will be probably the most expensive in Thailand.

    There is either a Twins or Windy shop that I went to a couple years back and kitted out a gym. I got a deal because I bought a lot. Beware they could give a rats ass about selling some random farang (foreigner) boxing gear. Even with what I ordered they weren't really all that interested to sell to me... but you have to realize their business is about volume to overseas customers who order 50 sets of gloves in two different sizes at a time... not about sorting out some random farang on a Muay Thai holiday for a single pair of gloves. So it's not like they're making any real profit on selling you a pair of gloves and a kick pad.

    If I remember right they're in Chinatown in Bangkok and it will most definitely take a local to get you there. Even taxis were a bit of a hassle to get there. Go figure.

    The big grocery store chains even sell Muay Thai gear in their little sporting goods section. Usually MTB(?) brand if I recall. It's dirt cheap. It actually might represent the best value for money in Thailand to be honest. I've rarely seen anyone who wears out Muay Thai pads... a whole class wearing them out of a period of years maybe... but an individual... not really. So consider how much you really train.

    One important thing to remember when buy gear... get two sets of gloves... that way you and your makes can put them and bash around. One set of gloves is useless to be honest. Also remember when you fit gloves... you most likely will not be wrapped... so take that into consideration for sizing.

    Their is also the Raja shop (next to Rajadermnarn stadium) and one another shop at Lumpini stadium that sell gear. Be warned their prices are stupid and the gear is just ok. They typically sell to farangs who have just come off of watching MT bouts and are excited and don't mind paying double or triple what the going local price is for gear. Not a great place to buy.
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    However The Windy and Twins shops at Lumpini are currently extremely cheap, roughly half UK/US prices.

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