CD Label Printing.

Discussion in 'Off Topic Area' started by JohnnyX, May 19, 2006.

  1. JohnnyX

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    We send out a lot of CDs to Customers and Suppliers.

    They need to look better than they currently do - i.e. Black marker pen. :eek:

    I am looking for a system to either print CD Labels, or print directly onto the CD - A mixture of text and graphics; logos etc.

    I have Googled and found many - So, I'm stuck for choice. :(

    So, do you use any such system?

    More importantly, would you recommend the one you use?

    Have you come across any pit-falls?

    Many many thanks. :)
  2. murphy81


    I think that Roxio have a CD Labelling programme with their Media Creator, but havent used it as yet, so cant comment on how well it would do the job.

    Other than that, maybe try, and see what you can find. I have found a lot of very useful software from there, some free, and some you can buy from their site.
  3. Saz

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    Dynamo have one too, they're the label printing daddy.
  4. Bil Gee

    Bil Gee Thug

    I used the roxio one for a while and it worked well.
  5. TheMadhoose

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    My uncle has an epson printer which has an attatchment which allows you to print directy onto the cd/dvd.
  6. Matthew Barnes

    Matthew Barnes Valued Member

    Epson Stylus Photo R200

    I use an Epson Photo Stylus R200. It works like a dream. You just have to buy the 'printable' media. It's a great photo printer too. I think the model they are up to is the R320, but the general idea is the same. It comes with label software, but it is relatively basic. Very professional looking results though. Decent text printer too.

    The setup cost me about $100. The R320 goes for $149 I think. It has 6 ink tanks, which cost about $14 each, but since they are separate colors, you only have to change the empty one.

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  7. lhommedieu

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    CD Label Printing

    I just produced a DVD set and have had great experiences with Memorex' software and DVD-Stamper. The software enabled me to put the same picture that is on the case on the DVD as well (see my website link below for an example) and to print circular text around the border of the label.

    One thing that I have noticed, though, is that after stamping the paper to the CD you have to press a little to make sure that there are no loose areas -these will cause the DVD to catch inside the DVD player. I'm also going to try placing a heavy book on top of the DVD (on a clean surface) for half and hour or so before putting the DVD in their cases. This should help the label adhere firmly to the DVD surface.


    Steve Lamade
  8. Matthew Barnes

    Matthew Barnes Valued Member

    Mine says don't use labels like that with DVD's

    When I bought the Memorex Labelmaker I was disappointed because whenI opened the box, the instructions inside warned me not to use the full coverage labels on DVD's which seemed to defeat the purpose. It warned of offbalancing the disk and catching on the DVD lens causing damage. Apparently it's due to the DVD's being thicker. That's what led me to the R200.

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