Can you spot the fake koryu?

Discussion in 'Koryu Bujutsu' started by iB1337, Sep 6, 2009.

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    Dear Mr. iB1337,

    Glad to hear from you again.

    Why? Well, Don't be shy. You pointed out four martial art schools and called people to spot "fake koryu" among them in the beginning of this discussion thread. I made a reply, introducing my name, the school I belong to and the position there. If you are not a real practitioner of Japanese martial arts, I don't care but you say you are a real practitioner and currently go to some school. I don't know what is the common sense of non-Japanese people about that kind of issue but in my sense as a practitioner of traditional Japanese martial art, making fun of other styles and their people like that but hiding yourself like that on the other hand is not fair.

    Thanks for the hint. There are not many traditional martial art school near Omiya and along Tobu Noda line in Saitama prefecture, which is famous enough to attract non-Japanese people.

    The one I think of now is Shinbukan dojo, by Kuroda Tetsuzan sensei. Well, there he teaches Komagawa Kaishin Ryu and it is said that Komagawa Kaishin, the founder of the Komagawa Kaishin Ryu was a disciple of Kamiizumi Nobutsuna (Kamiizumi Ise no Kami), the founder of Shinkage ryu.

    So, are you a student of Kuroda Tetsuzan sensei?

    I hope you are not because if so, you broke the rule of Kudoda Tetsuzan sensei's dojo. Because the dojo rule #5 in Japanese, #6 in English of his dojo, clearly declares;


    6. Please refrain from making negative comments in reference to other forms or styles of BUDO.

    The Rules of Conduct for the SHINBUKAN KURODA DOJO Members

    In the comment of another discussion thread you say;

    It's a very respectable way to change the school you belong to because some people tend to hide that they belonged to another traditional Japanese martial art schools in Japan when they change the school because sometimes it could be a problem ( actually, "hiding it" is a problem.) So why don't you introduce yourself here like that, I mean, in a respectable manner?

    My master, Kagenori Ueno, the head master of Tenshinsho Jigen Ryu KNOWS Kuroda Tetsuzan sensei. It's not often but they talk on the phone. I will ask my master to check with Kuroda Tetsuzan sesei when he calls him next time whether Kuroda Tetsuzan sensei has a non-Japanese student who came to join his school with a letter of permission from another school.

    I agree with that. Then please tell us about your opinion of "how to spot the fake koryu" from just watching short tiny movie clips of Youtube.


    Keitaro Sugiyama
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    Sugiyama sensei,

    I don't train with Kuroda sensei, but I'd like to. I've gone to one of his seminars several years ago. But, he doesn't give out rank and I would like to teach one day.

    I rather not discuss my art or mention anything personal on this forum.
    My teacher was the one that thought your ryuha was probably fake and made up out of several arts and given a history.

    But, I'm willing to accept your explanation as good enough.
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    I am curious about this comment and wonder if you would elaborate. I train in the dojo shown, though not in Battojutsu.

    As far as koryu or not, I have never heard any claim that any art taught there is koryu.

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