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  1. DouglasLam

    DouglasLam Valued Member

    And you have to resort to name-calling? :rolleyes:

    I am not the one who "read in between the lines". :)

    Personal insults replacing the points? And you called me a imbecile? :cool:

    And you do not have the gut to admit when you are replying my post? How brave!

    I am sure it is good if you justified your bashing. Right now, it is very clear you replied to my opinon and you had to ask me to shut up. Now you starts calling me names? Making fun of my name. Insulting on a personal level. How come? MA is indeed about fighting, and MORE. It is just unfortunate you are unable to see it. With the power of able to fight, it is the more one should be a good person. I am answering to you, yes it is fighting. But there are more. Never had I for once say MA is not about fighting. ;)

    Good. Now you admit MA is more than fighting. Thank you.

    No, I do not. I know it came from the warring nature of humans. The oldest record was combative wrestling in ancient China and Qin Emperor made a sport out of it after unifying Ancient China. But it is a fact monks do meditate and it is not a myth. Many people meditate too. What myth? Thank you for sharing your so-called secret but historians had shown otherwise with PROOFS, oh and it is not about Bodhidharma if you are "assuming" again. There are monks, they exist since ancient times. You mean you do not know? And what has monk got to do with this? Weird.

    Flying warriors? There are, look at the Air Forces, those are the flying warriors.

    I am glad you are aware it is the most real possible. Pls do realize it is far from real and never should be mistaken for a benchmark for measuring realism of any MA styles or person. Interviews with top fighters had proven this too. These people know. Katas have their own roles. It is a form of training. the technical training on bags and pads are very "kata"ed too.

    Why can't you respect other's desire to express their body in their own way? In the first place, these people are performers demonstrating their capabilities which many cannot. You call it crap, the same could be said about you. If you care only about fighting, then buy a pistol. So who is being real and who is not? totally subjective.

    Yah, you can. Buy a pistol.

    Who has not get over it? The one who is unable to respect others' opinons and reasons for learning MA and bash them for not "fighting" or the one who told you guys to realize MA is MORE than just fighting.

    You need to insult on a personal level again eh? Oh, I did receive many personal insults after sharing personal experiences regarding how my injuries were healed. They behaves like you now. I get injured, seek treatment, got healed. They reason why the treatments were effective by calling names like you are doing. That's for being honest. Sad to say, they only want AGREEABLE honesty and not disagreeable ones. Obviously, it show how narrowminded BSD's bashers commonly are.

    See? Give you a honest opinon and you call it a whine. And yet, preaching if one is honest there will be no problem. This is a lie, see above for more information.

    If I am crying, then what does that make you? Hurling all sort of insults, calling names, making fun of my name.

    Is there a need to when they ADMITTED they were lying? No, I am not refering the regular bashers but some of the regulars joined in the "fun".

    I am talking about MAP too, you should learn to read and stop imaginating "meanings". It will make your life better too, mental health is quite an issue in this modern society. We are here speaking about BSD, not TMA vs MMA. Remember? LOL

    So far, after spending more time in BSD and spending the little time here. It has proven otherwise. Well except for the few who are ill mannered like yourself and your "gang". Please do not make this place another BSD. That will be a degeneration.

    I am sure you do. Some people climb up to get better, while some need to put others down to do it.
  2. Davey Bones

    Davey Bones New Member

    Well, you haven't made too many valid points, and it kills time.

    Oh, we'll see about that... I think you did a few sentences down. Actually, I know you did.

    Again, just killing time instead of my own brain cells.

    See, this is where reading is fundamental. A general statement made as to why BSD serves a good purpose, and then you went and took it all personally. Not my issue, dude.

    No, you just condescend those who don't believe MA is some spiritual journey which helps define a person. :rolleyes:

    See, there you go assuming and reading between the lines. Tsk,tsk,tsk. I can get self-confidence and discipline from working out at the gym. I learn self-control because of my job. Manners and the other stuff...? I was raised with those values. Once again, overhyping the societal values we all learn as kids and giving them some pseudo-mystical significance associated with martial arts. I don't. Hence the statement "icing on the cake".

    Someone call myth busters. You are in serious need of a wake up call. But please, inform us of when MA became about meditation and such.

    And the oldest MAs on record are Egyptian stick fighting and Greco-Roman wrestling and boxing and pankration, not chinese wrestling.

    It's better than claiming "katas can teach you how to fight". Bagwork =/= "kata". Shadowboxing =/=- kata. Footwork drills, etc. =/= kata. I love kata. I love weapons kata. I also know that they are nowhere near as effective as other forms of drilling.

    And sources for your interviews, please.

    Because as a CMAer, I am associated with those people. And I don't like what they've done to martial arts. Period. CMAs are not just butterfly kicks and easy punches. I'd rather people talk about Cung Lee or Sammy Berik than Tiffany Chen. At least I know the first two can fight, while the latter is a glorified gymnast.

    The "more" is what's causing MAs to become a joke. So, I'd say you need to get over it.

    Hey, I mentioned earlier that at this point I was being a jerk. If you don't like it, don't respond. You're just giving me lots of fuel to play with.

    BEcause that's all you're doing at this point, is whining.

    Hey, I'm a jerk, but I don't recall making fun of your name.

    Yes, there is a need to. There are two sides to every story. And if you refuse to link to the thread, then I assume you're lying. Put up or shut up.

    The only thing making me mentally ill is my discussions with you. That's about it. I think I lost several IQ points through this discussion.

    If it stops some of the stupidity which exists on MAP, that would hardly be a bad thing.

    I'm not making myself feel better, lol. Like I said earlier, just killing time.
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  3. MadMonk108

    MadMonk108 JKD/Kali Instructor

    But she's cute!

    And last I checked, she was a push hands competitor and a san shou fighter.

    I think you've got your Chens confused.
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  4. MadMonk108

    MadMonk108 JKD/Kali Instructor

    DouglasLam, I just looked up your history on BS....

    No wonder you don't like people there...you supported Ninja-do. And while you may have just called out a couple liars on-line (which fits the Bullshido mission), others from Ninja-do got on the forum and started spouting crap about how they were going to make the orginal posters "regret" what they'd said. You even left some "veiled" threats..."We will be waiting."

    When questioned on TCM, rather than find all of the studies that suggest some of the actual benefits of accupuncture and the like, all you provide is annecdotal evidence...

    And then whine when no one gives you any support. Rather than consult medical journals or sources on line about the MANY studies that have been done on accupuncture and the like, you instead demand that people come to Singapore to see t3h r34l Chinese medicine. What kind of tactic is that? You seem to be unable to handle a coherent debate using things like evidence and references.

    Then, when no one over on Bullshido gives you any credence...you come over here and whine about it.

    Yeah, you're gonna earn a lot of respect man.

    Learn how to have a coherent debate.
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  5. Davey Bones

    Davey Bones New Member

    Shoot, maybe I do. I'm thinking of the forms specialist who just made the USA WuShu "A" team this year. But you get my point. The Chen you're thinking of is just as good a role model for CMAers, too. Her and her brother.
  6. MadMonk108

    MadMonk108 JKD/Kali Instructor


    You go after the brother, I'll charm the sister. It'll be perfect.
  7. saru1968

    saru1968 New Member

  8. MadMonk108

    MadMonk108 JKD/Kali Instructor


    According to DouglasLam...it's a valid CMA...where they train in black gi and wear tabi...
  9. MaverickZ

    MaverickZ Guest

    Chinese ninjas?
  10. PeterG

    PeterG Valued Member

    Or they're asleep from being drunk or high.
  11. PeterG

    PeterG Valued Member

    "Originally Posted by GangrelChilde
    When you talk about the "group of regulars"... do the math, imbecile. You're the one who's making them out to be the bad guys. I've chased you and PeterG over a couple of threads about this stupidity. Divisive generalizations which you're now backpedaling from because someone called you out on them. Waffle much?"

    Remember when you were alternately insisting and begging that I leave this thread and/or shut up? Don't bring my name up if you don't want me to respond.
  12. DouglasLam

    DouglasLam Valued Member

    Thank you for bothering to find out more. There is a reason why I do not use different name or nick. Nothing to hide.

    Firstly, when I mentioned I/We will be waiting because the guy claimed he will be visiting. And I will be waiting to see what he will do. That is not a threat, is that? He claimed, and he wants to prove it. End up, he admitted he lied. Isn't that proof enough? We will be waiting for the proof he claimed he will provide. You call it a threat? Waiting for the proof NinjaDo is a bullshido is a threat? I am amused by you.

    2ndly, why are you putting what others posted into my account?

    Regarding TCM, I have shared my experiences and those of others I know. And end up being insulted, called names. As for evidence or not, I have posted statement made by the National Institute of Health in USA, since I was facing Americans. And it was explained why they could not provide concrete evidence in the lab. They tried. They could not. It is still beyond the understanding of science just like in many other areas. A man survived 10 days without food and water in an controlled study conducted by doctors an researchers in an scientific manner, science do not have evidence WHY but it is still evidence he survived without those. Evidences of the results base on the many patients like myself are there for all to see. Instead, when I shared such experiences, it was blamed on myself for not able to tolerate the injuries and pains?

    I have never seeked support from any nor did I mention for once I am not supported. I even made it very clear I do need anyone to support. So how can you accused me of whining of not getting support? I was not even seeking ANY in the first place!

    I suggested they go asia to find out more since they claimed if it is effective it would have been very wide spread. The fact is, it is very wide spread. I suggested Singapore because I live here and I will be able to be a guide for these people and bring them to see the various treatments exist in this modern city. How TCM is playing a part in modern medicine. I cannot demand they visit Singapore, I can only suggest and invite to clear their doubts.

    I have provided the reference made by the relevant authority, it was simply put off as I am whining. I did not even use a single word of my own except to share where the info was retrieved.

    I did not bring the matter here, you did.

    Now, learn to be objective and have a open mind. Otherwise, it will never be rectified.
  13. Matsufubu

    Matsufubu Valued Member

    I'd just like to say that I've personally experienced more rudeness on MAP than on BS, as people don't seem to like having their views questioned here and respond with rudeness. It's like some enforced utopia here, which creates negative debating skills in many members.

    I feel like Sylvester Stallone in Demolition Man.
  14. [T][K][D]

    [T][K][D] Valued Member

    people do like to have their views questioned, just not with a series of 4 letter words and incoherent arguments. In BS, the arguement just deteriorates into a load of c*&$. In general of course ^^
  15. DouglasLam

    DouglasLam Valued Member

    As usual, yours are valid and you have to resort to personal insults. :rolleyes:
    I see, this is how you spend your time. That explains.

    You think, I think. Who do?

    How constructive!

    Look? You kept preaching reading when you did not read the reason why I joined BSD in the first place? I made it very clear I joined because of the purpose. Unfortuntely, it has been abused. I should not take it personally on the personal insults hurled? How responsible!

    Nope, it is you who cannot accept others' reasons for taking up MA. They have their own reasons. I did not for once said taking up MA to fight is wrong. I said many times, it is more than fighting. You simply cannot accept there are people who learn MA for other reasons than just fighting. I said the more it is important to cultivate such values because of the skills one is learning.

    You hurled insults at me and claimed those are not personal? What reading in between the lines? And yes, you admit there are icing on the cake. So MA is more than just fighting. Thank you again.

    Wake up yourself. You mentioned meditating monks are myth. But the fact is monks do meditate, normal human beings meditate too. What has this got to do with MA becoming meditating and such?

    Go find out when Jiao Li was first recorded. Come back when you have the answer before claiming it is not.

    kata is a drill, isn't it? thank you again. there are more to what kata teaches than just repetitive movements. What have you been learning?

    Since you request, I will provide just ONE of the many in an interview with Bas Rutten.

    Some techniques in Mixed Martial Arts are more difficult to use on the street. For example, a person can hurt their knees, elbow or head using various takedowns and holds. What techniques in Mixed Martial Arts do you consider street effective? Which ones are not safe?

    On the street? Kick in the groin will do the trick, it is a street fight! Watch out for a body slam from a great wrestler, when he throws you on the pavement instead of a mat, it can leave permanent damage or even get you killed.

    extracted from http://www.realfighting.com/0102/basrutint.htm

    now you know why MMA competitions are not held on HARD surface despite MMA practitioners arguing it is REAL.

    You are missing a lot here. Really.

    The "more" makes the difference. And not as a joke, the reason for those who refuse to accept others due to their ego. Ego is not wrong if used positively but not negatively to insult others, their styles or schools. The "more" cultivated more responsible MAists and not trigger-happy bashers out to put anything else down.

    First, you ask me to STFU, now you ask me not to respond if I do not like it. Then why are you responding to my opinon if you do not like it? How FAIR are you? Wait, I forgot.... jerk is not fair eh? I am not playing. I am honest and serious about my opinon of BSD. It is no longer serving it purpose but became a MMA preaching ground, preaching blindly and naively.

    Mine is known as whining and I did not call you names.

    Yours is not whining, and you started using STFU, call names....

    WOW! This bring a whole new meaning to whining!

    Of course you do not remember. You are a jerk who is irresponsible.
    Of course it is simply silly for you to argue with a duck.

    There is a need to when they are exposed and admitted they had been telling lies? ROFL Thanks to MadMonk for verifying and sharing.

    Why do you keep asking people to put up or shut up when you are not doing it? :rolleyes:

    Can see you are mentally unhealthy.I do not lose mine, perhaps you should stay away from discussions since you are losing IQ.... oh dear! How long have you been discussing? Too late? :cool:

    Compared to the stupidities in BSD? You should be stopping those. It will definately be a good thing.

    One moment, you claim you enjoy it and it is FUN and now you claim otherwise. Why not you go and train since your motive is to kill time and not able to discuss it honestly with an open mind? Time is precious, you know?
  16. DouglasLam

    DouglasLam Valued Member

    I am sorry I would have to embarrass you for not reading properly, but what's new?

    the CMA was refering to Shijando, which is a registered CMA school.

    And they do not train in black gi or tabi.
  17. Lord Spooky

    Lord Spooky Banned Banned

    NINJA-DO!!! :eek:

    DouglasLam would you care to pop over to the Ninjutsu forum and discuss this Art?

  18. DouglasLam

    DouglasLam Valued Member

    I disagree, so far I am receiving it from BSDers who are defending themselves here with rudeness.

    See how many times they have to hurl insults. :cool:
  19. DouglasLam

    DouglasLam Valued Member

    Hi spookyFBI,

    It is not ninjutsu. It is formed in the early 80s in Singapore by retreiving useful methods of various oriental styles. (mixed martial art? MMA was not popular then eh?). It went through various bashing in the local MA scene too since it was no "orthodox" compared to traditional styles. But of course it was also proven when challanged and became respected and accepted here. Perhaps we train extra hard due to being despised?

    A brief summary of what comprised in NinjaDo:

    1) Katas -armed and unarmed
    2) Striking and Grappling
    3) Self-defense techniques
    4) Technical and Full contact sparrings, includes sparring against more than 1 opponent.

    I am sure you are aware most ninjutsu schools has no sparring.

    Anyway, kanji meanings and chinese meanings although similar in writing, are sometimes varied in certain ways. The word nin (japanese) or ren (chinese) are different here as ren means tolerance in chinese. Ren is also a value cultivated in many traditional chinese family. The term "ren ze" looks exactly like ninja but has a total different meaning and it existed long ago.

    In fact, in Japan, ninjas (as we know it) were never refered to as ninjas but had various OTHER names.
  20. Matsufubu

    Matsufubu Valued Member

    Isn't GangrelChilde a MAPper? What does he post as on BS?

    MadMonk108 is not being particularly rude (speaking as a bystander), but having a bit of fun with you. Pretty low key stuff, really.

    To [T][K][D], I think you'll find that has decreased a lot late;y. Even thought the modding is pretty loose compared to MAP, the mods have cracked down on thread derailing. Also, as an adult I don't find swearing nearly as bad as personal insults. Swearing is sometimes useful for emphasis and to make a point. I do acknowledge that there is plenty of crap, though. But at least the crap is entertaining crap.
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