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  1. TKD

    TKD New Member

    Hey all, I have a tournament coming up in 5 weeks and I'm fresh out of creative and ingenuitive breaking ideas. Please, nothing requiring special breaking material. Otherwise any and all ideas are appreciated.
  2. TheBorderer

    TheBorderer New Member

    Hi TKD,been using the search on MAP to look for some help for you(as discussions on breaking have happened more than once!). Here's a link to have a look at for now, could have some good tips for you:

    Destruction/ Power testing

    Unfortunately as I have yet to experience the joys that is breaking/destruction I can't give you any tips, but this thread may be a good starting point (and naturally you can ask the more experienced members, who should be able to help you better than me! :D) hope that helps and good luck when you compete! :)
  3. KickChick

    KickChick Valued Member

    I hear you TKD ... I'm always on the lookout for some creative breaks ... that are within my capabilities that is!

    Well here is a list of techniques that I have compiled. You can take two or three and combine for an awesome display ... or do one with several boards.

    Hand Breaks:

    Palm strike
    Hammer fist
    Elbow strike (downward)
    Fore fist punch
    Knife-hand (downward)
    Elbow strike (forward & Backward)
    Knife hand strike (horizontal) Chicken wrist (upward)
    Upper cut
    Spinning back fist
    Spinning knife hand
    Spinning hammer fist
    Spinning elbow
    Tiger paw
    Punch (speed break)
    Ridge hand (speed break)
    Knife hand (speed break)
    4” Fore-knuckle punch

    Foot Breaks:

    Heel stomp
    Front kick
    Axe kick
    Knee strike
    Side kick (sliding)
    Round kick (rear leg)
    Side kick (rear leg)
    Side kick (jump)
    Side kick (front leg)
    Side kick (jump, front leg)
    Front kick (head height)
    Back kick
    Crescent (rear leg)
    Hook kick (front leg)
    Round kick (front leg)
    Front kick (jump, head height)
    Round kick (jump, rear leg)
    Crescent kick (front leg)
    Side kick (jump rear leg)
    Back kick (jump)
    Hook kick (spin)
    Crescent kick (spin)
    Hook kick (jump, spin)
    Back kick (jump, spin)
    Crescent (jump, spin)
    Twin Front kick
    Split kick

    Here are some links for breaking videos to give you more ideas ...(I have a few picked out from here!)
  4. TheMachine

    TheMachine Valued Member

    hmm how about a gauntlet break? can you kick a cigarette dangling from someone's mouth using a spinning kick? that would be creatine or houw about breaking 2 cinder blocks using a ridge hand?
  5. Helm

    Helm New Member

    How good are you at kicking? Can you do 540's?
    I'd say a triple break (boards at knee, waist and head height),

    Its hard to do, but basically you hit the low one with a reverse cresent then jump, hit the waist height one with a roundhouse and continue spinning and hit the head height one with a reverse roundhouse (all of these breaks must be done when you are *not* touching the ground).
    Give it a go.
  6. TKD

    TKD New Member

    I can do a 540 crescent kick, but the stuff you said seems very very difficult to say the least. In other words, that would be a little out my relm of ability.
  7. KickChick

    KickChick Valued Member

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  8. Helm

    Helm New Member

    TKD, its suprisingly easy. Mind over matter and all that stuff....

    Just do a 360 roundhouse, and instead of landing on your kicking leg, tuck it in, lean right back and throw the reverse roundhouse.

    But you *HAVE* to put 100% effort into it. Really throw it with agression.
  9. flyingblackbelt

    flyingblackbelt New Member

    im going to attempt a 9 board step behind side tommorow and the best thing i can tell you to break boards is to not try to break the board but to hit the person holding the board, the board is just in the way you must go through it. However, ignore this if youre trying to doa speed break because you have to pull back for those.
  10. Tosh

    Tosh Renegade of Funk

    Nice! 9 boards, are they all one inch thick?

    For those of you that knowm i tore my ligaments (again) in my left foot in May.

    This week has seen my break one of the tougher re-breakable plastic boards with my left and a 2 board break (with the tougher green and weaker red board), yay go me! Rehabilition seems to be working!! To think I was on crutches after I first injured it!!

    Still haven't got the landing confidence for the 540 yet though Helm but it'll get there!!
  11. flyingblackbelt

    flyingblackbelt New Member

    yeah, the boards were all 1 x 12s, (which of course means theyre actually 3/4 by 11 3/4 because the construction industry need s to make things complicated). It took me 4 trys, which really annoys me, but i got through em. also did a six board roundhouse kick.
  12. Joey Rage

    Joey Rage New Member

    some breaking ideas

    I've been working on some upper cut breaks.

    You know, breaking the bricks or boards from the bottom up. Ive gotten pretty good with an upper cut ridgehand.

    Just an idea
  13. TKD

    TKD New Member

    After much consideration, I think I'm going to go with a turning kick to 360 turning kick. I'll start with a rear leg turning kick through two boards, then let the kicking leg continue through till I've made a 90 degree turn and then go into the 360 turning kick at head height with two boards. All in one continuous motion.

    Depending on how much practice I get in, I might change it to a 180 degree turn then into the 360. Maybe even add another break on the end, just depends on how much I get to practice.
  14. flyingblackbelt

    flyingblackbelt New Member

    i think you might be surprised at the ease that the boards will break tkd. Once you get the turn going you get an amazing amount of momentum going. I have broken with 360 round many a times, at my second dan test i did it while my instructor was standing on a chair holding the board over his head, and hes over 6 foot tall. Ive never broken on the first turn as well as the second turn though and that definately sounds like something i wanna try, good luck and thanks.
  15. TKD

    TKD New Member

    I've actually done basically the same thing as you described with the chair. Only difference is that mine was about a foot above my head(not held above a six foot guys head!). Also done one similiar to the break I'm planning now, difference there is that it was just two 360's but at chest level, still 2 boards and the 90 degree turn. I would step it up too 3 boards but I've never done a 3 board 360 instep and I'm not sure that 3 board breaks can be done with alot of aerialism to them(by me anyway:), it's pathetic being a blue belt:(). These boards won't be held securely either, just two hands, if I did 3 boards I'd also have to tape them together. Just not sure if I want that to be my first 3 board 360 instep attempt, that's on top of them not being held securely.
  16. Death_Bunny

    Death_Bunny New Member

    Well, since this is also about breaking ideas, I was thinking of the one that I want to do for my next Dan. It has to be a three target break and so this is what I've got. Although, I could use ideas too, I feel that it could really use something else.

    For the first, I have:
    - Front Kick, Knee
    - Turning Kick, Waist
    - Side Kick, Chest
    - Hook Kick, Head

    Step behind to the second, for which I have:
    - Jumping Turing Kick, Knee
    - Landing on kicking leg and jumping again
    - Jumping Turning Kick, Waist
    - Landing on kicking leg and jumping again
    - Jumping Turning Kick, Chest
    - Reverse Turning Kick, Head (Immediately after last Jumpin Turning Kick)

    Lastly, for the third:
    - Jumping Double Front Kick
    - (before landing)
    - Split Kick

    I know that these are not the best ideas, but it is something along the lines of what I can do. Maybe they help you, and maybe they help anyone else, but I would also like to know any other ideas.
  17. Coyote

    Coyote New Member

    A couple of hand techniques you might try:

    Spider break (it's basically a modified palm-heel strike. Ask, and I'll explain it.)
    Rising Monkey strike
    Forearm drop (great for multiple board breaks)
  18. KickChick

    KickChick Valued Member

    OK ... I took the bait!! ;)

    I'm asking! :D
  19. Coyote

    Coyote New Member

    It's fairly simple in concept. You place your fingertips on the board (place the board so that the striking surface is horizontal rather than vertical), then sink your weight and collapse your fingers at the same time. I usually do it shifting from a narrow shorin stance to a soft bow. The main thing is to make sure that the heel of your hand strikes the center of the board when you go down, so you need to make sure your fingertips are offset a bit when you start.
  20. WorldChampTKD

    WorldChampTKD New Member

    Ok, I thought this was the coolest thing, I saw this guy, and there were guys holding a plate of ice above him, and he did a back flip and broke the ice with his foot. It rocked, I thought that was awesome.

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