Books or good sources of information on Japanese Ju Jitsu?

Discussion in 'Ju Jitsu' started by Talisker, Mar 6, 2022.

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    Could anyone possibly suggest what would be a good book or maybe website with sources of information on beginners learning of Japanese Ju Jitsu?

    When you search the internet there seems to be reams of information on Brazilian Jiu Jitsu but info on Japanese is almost non existent (or if it exists I cannot find it)

    And books on Amazon seem to be "self defence moves using Japanese Jiu Jitsu". Which the book may be useful or may not and its an expensive gamble given I would have to buy it to see. However from the cover it seems more along the lines of "if someone does this to you in a bar you can defend it using this" which is not really what I am after.

    What I am after is effectively the syllabus, white, yellow etc of the throws you learn from basic and onwards. Their Japanese names and possibly showing how to perform them. And any tips to performing them best.

    Can I ask is Judo effectively the same thing and the sequence of throws you learn for white belt the same for Japanese Jui Jitsu with the same Japanese names given to each throw?
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    Most jiu-jitsu In the UK is just renamed wjjf style "self defence" jiu-jitsu (so poor karate aikido and judo mixed together) if so, just buy the syllabus books, or check YouTube for it.
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    Thanks for this. If it means anything, this is the foundation my school is registered with

    Its a bit depressing to see it described as a mix of poor karate and Aikido though. Especially given the terrible reputation Aikido has for self defence.
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    To be fair, "Jitsu" foundation isn't just poor karate and poor aikido; it layers those on a strong foundation of bad judo. One might even call it a soso bujutsu, with good marketing to university students who like to wear t-shirts that say Jitsu.

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