Books on internal part of the (Yang) Taijiquan???

Discussion in 'Tai chi' started by oldyangtaiji, Jul 3, 2006.

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    Hey Steffan, the question is not about westerners having insight or not, I know some westerners that have more insight in their little finger then I have in my whole being. But implying that you have insight, without actually showing any insight, is usually a sign that insight is lacking. You certainly don't seem to have much experience with subtlety and modesty, both these traits usualy accompany one with insight, though its not necessarily. What I'm saying is any Tom, Dick or Harry can write a book and get it published, especially with a very small publisher like "Nomentira Publications". If you want people to buy your books, you have to show them that you can walk the walk, and not just talk the talk, which evidently your not doing either. If your gonna claim you have insight, lets see it in action, or at least humor us with some theory. What your doing now is making yourself look like a bit of joke.
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    I'd be very interested to read a short excerpt if it is aimed at "westerners using anatomical and structural concepts". If you could give us a small taster... :)
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    Oh mate there is some classic stuff on those sites....
    but I won't spoil it for ya.
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    Please keep discussion in here civil. I've given you guys some leeway so far, but let's not make things personal.

    Steffan - As somebody who is also currently writing a book, I get a lot of requests for excerpts as well. If you'd rather not spoil it for potential readers, maybe you could show us or copy/paste the table of contents to highlight what kind of stuff is in there. That's what I do, and often it's as useful as excerpting (though it doesn't really give a sample of writing style).
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    inthespirit - The book and the DVD are above the overal. They are better than most of the resurces around! However I am searching for a little different ones. I Liq Chuan is very interesting and better than 90% Taijiquan schools around! I was very satisfied to discover more about this art.

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