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Discussion in 'Aikido Resources' started by Jordan, Jun 30, 2006.

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    Makotokai Aikido Clips

    Just posted some clips of Sensei Coyle (koyo) at edinburgh IKet 2005/2006, will be useful for anyone studying sword kata or the aplication of sword principles to hand techniques.

    [ame=""]Makotokai Aikido Riai Iket 2005 - YouTube[/ame]
    [ame=""]Makotokai Aikido Riai IKET 2006 - YouTube[/ame]

    Gerry :bang:
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    Call that a kata?

    Does that guy doing the jo / bokken kata even enjoy doing it? There's no passion, no agression and I just don't think that's how it should be done.

    (In my personal opinion!) A kata should be performed to simulate a real combative situation! You should be serious, should be sharp and all movements should be refined to a point of precission. All movements should be strong like you want/should perform them in the streets. Not everything in the street is perfect like kata conditions, but u should make the most of it. Train hard.

    That's all,

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    This coming from a 6th Kyu "Ninja" in "Koga Ryu" :rolleyes:
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    Why not pop over to the ninjutsu intro thread and tell us a bit about yourself!!
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    I don't think you really know what you are looking at. I think you should read the Martial art of Aikido thread from the start. Especially the section on balance then feel free to join in ask questions about why the videos look the way they do.
    You are just coming across as a bit of a Troll.

    The Bear.
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    I think I stated very clearly why I performed the kata in that manner. Enough said I think.
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    Arvanitis - what have katas got to do with streetfighting? If you want to see Aikido/jutsu used for SD then seek out video of that, not of formal kata. Or maybe go watch a Steven Seagull (I prefer that spelling) movie.

    Take any other traditional MA like Shotokan Karate and you will find that their katas also fail to show streetwise self defence moves. Why? Because that's not what they are for!!! When you understand more about kata, come back and offer a more enlightened view, please.

    Wish I could show you some of the old Shudokan Aikido stuff, guys, but it's on shaky videotape (VHS). I bought some software to convert to CD/PC compatible files, but it failed miserably. :( The best Yoshinkan style stuff is the Youtube showing Shioda at his bouncing best, a style emulated by Thamby Rajah, founder of Shudokan and also very tiny in stature! We taller folk don't have to bounce quite so much, as also shown on Youtube by his nephew, Joe Thambu. :).

    Sensei Coyle in the Youtube clips IMHO was providing a display of a series of techniques in a manner which showed the quality of his work to a knowledgeable audience, crossing over from one set of techniques to another to break up and improve the entertainment quality of the display. That's just my view as a viewer - he is more than able to post his own views (please).

    Anyone can put on a crash and smash show of board-breaking, ice smashing, block busting aggression, which means nothing unless you are practising to be attacked by a plank of wood (sorry TKD). Aggression is the enemy of good fighting IMHO. I prefer to use the aggression of an attacker to defeat them.

    At times even the demos Shioda gave were totally inappropriate in nature for other aikidoka. That's because his audience in these televised performances was the public at large. Similarly, in a grading, the intent is to show quality and control, so the pace and timing are critical. Speed can obscur poor quality, and I for one am grateful to watch a demo I can learn from.

    If you have any doubts, try any technique you like at a slower pace - it's damn hard.

    Well done to all who have posted links to video clips of their work. I understand and appreciate what I saw, even if others may not - their loss, I feel. :)
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    Arvanitis, within the system of Aikido I practice there are six Koryu No Kata, all but two of these start from suwari waza what has this got to do with street SD. The Koryu dai yon is a kata that is a Kuzushi based kata all from grips. The Dai Roku is done at a slow pace to show control.

    I will place some of these on Youtube when I work how to do so.

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    Arvanitis - what have katas got to do with streetfighting? If you want to see Aikido/jutsu used for SD then seek out video of that, not of formal kata. Or maybe go watch a Steven Seagull (I prefer that spelling) movie.

    I'm not much on his acting, but he knows what he's doing in Aikido check him out in the 93 expo.

    I met a few of his students and like or dislike him for whatever reasons you have, but all indications are that he is a very good Sensei.
  12. koyo

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    Hi Kiaiki

    The demo by the boys from the makotokai was to show the influence of the sword PRINCIPLES on empty hand techniques.As you said it was NOT a demonstration of classical kata. In the audience were a number of Japanese kendo shihan and also shihan Mead a master of Okinawan weapons. These gentlemen were kind enough to congratulate the boys on the demo in particular their spirit (passion).

    So I think that in BALANCE I will stay with their opinions rather than someone who has no knowledge at all about aikido.(I have no knowledge of ninjitsu so a discussion would be pointless)
    How about some more input into the martial art of aikido thread. Perhaps you could talk about kata and we get something positive from IMHO what has become a rather negative thread

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    Unfortunately negativity seems to be the way of people :(
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    Wow! Just watched those videos of the grading and the beginner students, fantastic! I didn't realise that they did the 8 man randori for real, it was amazing, well it was for me a complete beginner anyway lol!
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    :eek: thanks for the compliment :D Hope you enjoy your training.

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