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Discussion in 'Tae Kwon Do' started by Pyry_Uotila, Aug 5, 2003.

  1. Pyry_Uotila

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    I've just registered in, because i'm need of some help.
    my black belt test is inside 2-3 months.
    i myself think i'm ready because ihave all the technique and knowledge (i've been readying a long time) but i still can't find the history of the international taekwondo federation.
    can some one please inform me with some webpages wherein i can find the history of itf?
  2. KickChick

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    You mean to tell me that you haven't been given this information by your instructor early on in your training and just waiting until now to educate yourself on its history?

    You can go directly to ITF Information

    People & Events of TKD's Formative Years

    Good luck to you.....

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