Bjj and jkd near Concord NC. Recommendations?

Discussion in 'Brazilian Jiu Jitsu' started by Rmjim, May 20, 2017.

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    First of all I would like to state I am in no way, shape, or form stating that I am making accusations against any person. I am simply seeking recommendations. I am relocating to Concord for work and was looking for a reputable bjj gym. I found this website in nearby Harrisburg, It seems very reputable and peaked my interest. I have "taken" bjj classes for about 3 months over a year ago and I have an upper level belt in Chuck Norris style karate so I'm not new so to speak. Are there other gyms you might recommend in that area? Second part...I have noticed lots of jeet kune do training in the Charlotte NC region. Some by not so reputable folks and others I have no clue about. I know the Bruce Lee legacy never really recognized jkd instructors other than Dan Inosanto and R Bustimilia (sp). I may be wrong, I've never been into jkd that much, just curious as to what is out there. Thanks in advance and remember, I'm not accusing, I'm only asking.
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    The gym you listed has a pedigree to Sauer - which is good - but I cannot find any actual Instructor or rank listed there - that is not good

    My guess is it's a Concepts school and teh Submission Wrestling alluded to is CSW affiliate which is Erik Paulson - that is good - but again no actual mention of rank or who teh instructor actually is - that is not good

    Best advice, go check them out. Taken at face value they tick the right boxes

    Oh and it's Bustillo by the way
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    The instructors name is Mark Cukro. He's in the top 20 at if that means anything. It seems legit, I just have read about different schools and want to pick something legit. What is jkd concepts? And on the website it says you start with kickboxing, progress to trapping/grappling then to ground fighting. Is jkd concepts the real deal or?..
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    The instructor I took classes under before actually recommended ftw. I didn't realize they had a concord area gym.

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