BJJ against real-life stalker

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    Do I put it here, or in General Discussion ... it could go either way. This little article is about the owner of my BJJ gym (4th degree under Relson Gracie):

    PD: Phoenix dad captures teen daughter's alleged stalker
    I had the benefit of hearing him talk about it yesterday. Daughter's "place of employment" is the BJJ gym. She helps teach the children's class.

    Both dad and daughter assumed the stalker was a teenager, a student with a teenage crush. It got creepy when the notes started indicating that the stalker was tracking her daily schedule: he knew where she was every day. The notes would show up on her car at the BJJ gym, but only after dad had left the gym, indicating that he knew which car was dad's. So dad sat around waiting for him in another car (an adult instructor's car), and confronted him in the parking lot.

    Big shock -- the stalker was an adult. The creepiness just went off the chart.

    Foot chase, stumbling attempt at a throw didn't quite get him, second attempt got him, and dad took his back for a rear naked choke. The article says "at a Food City store" but that's sloppy writing. Anyone who knows the area would know they were on the McDowell sidewalk.

    He held the stalker in a rear naked for what he thinks was 10 minutes, waiting for the police to show up. (I question that it took police that long to show up, but I'm never going to argue about it with him.) The other instructor with him, the one whose car they were sitting in, was also in the chase but did not interfere (because he didn't need to). He called the police, and stood there watching them as a witness.

    Stalker passed out only when he struggled. Every time he relaxed, dad released the pressure. When he struggled, dad choked him out.

    Soooooo -- super super super creepy. I don't even want to think about my daughter being the victim of a stalker. But, at the same time -- BJJ for the win in a real-life situation!
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    So sickening that such people are around, and for such reasons that we increase our knowledge in martial arts, and teach to others.

    A good use of the RNC by the sounds of it.

    10 minutes would not surprise me in the UK, I've had to dial 999 (for police whilst being attacked, or witnessing an attack) a few times in my life and no one has ever arrived in under 15 minutes :(
    I guess it's different in the US for response time.

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