Better late than never...

Discussion in 'Celebrations!' started by Jesh, Oct 1, 2006.

  1. Jesh

    Jesh Dutch Side Of The Force

    Hey peeps...

    Long time no see. But I've been so very busy with work and stuff in my private life that I have been away from MAP for a while. (also a momentary lack of internet connection doesn't help... :D)

    Anyways, I just wanted to let you know that I passed my Dan grading on the 8th of July... WOOOHOOOO !!!

    I'll try to post some pics soon... for now, regards to the MAP crew. I'm hoping to be back in a more regular fashion soon.
  2. slipthejab

    slipthejab Hark, a vagrant! Supporter

    Congrats Bro!

    Haven't seen you on here in ages.
    We've been in need of the Dutch contingent! :D
  3. Jesh

    Jesh Dutch Side Of The Force

    Yeah bro,

    I've been missing out on all that crazy stuff with you guys. So this was to let you know that I didn't leave or anything... I just have a lot going on at the moment.

    But to put it in Arnie's words: I'll be back.

  4. Jesh

    Jesh Dutch Side Of The Force

    I have posted some pics in the photos section.
  5. Sever

    Sever Valued Member

    Well done mate :D
    I'd been wondering where you ran off too, good to see you back
  6. Chimpcheng

    Chimpcheng Yup... Giant cow head... Supporter

    Congratulations man.

    Cha Mone!
  7. Jesh

    Jesh Dutch Side Of The Force

    You know I would never leave you alone Sever... YOU NEED ME !!!

  8. AuntiePink

    AuntiePink Naughty Member

    Missed ya, babe! Congrats on the grading :D
  9. karate princess

    karate princess Savvy??

    Yay! Well done, it feels great doesn't it?!
  10. Athleng Nordic

    Athleng Nordic Sadly passed away. RIP. Supporter

    Fantastic, Congratulations, and Groovy.

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