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    Personally, I'm not that into spectator sports at all. So I don't subscribe to any sports TV channels. I don't watch boxing matches normally. I don't particularly care what's going on in the UFC etc.

    However, as a martial artist, I feel like it would be really useful to study some of the better fights. A friend who is a boxer recommended watching the classic Muhammad Ali fights like the Rumble in the Jungle, for example. I had a look and DVDs of classic matches seem to be quite hard to find, and expensive.

    Tyson Fury's win against Deontay Wilder has reminded me of this. It's being reported as one of the best examples of a "boxer" winning against a "puncher", under constant threat of KO from a single punch. I want to watch that. I'm not a boxer myself, but that's not what matters.

    I want to be able to study these fights in detail, so I don't want to, for example, pay for a DAZN subscription that will only allow me to watch the fights when they happen or for about a week afterwards. I'd like to have a library I can access at any time. A digital subscription would be better than buying physical discs, if such a service exists.

    Another problem is finding out which fights are worth watching. I know of some famous boxing matches, but have no idea where to start with MMA, or traditional arts like Muay Thai & Sanda. This is perhaps the biggest problem with Youtube after spotty quality. I've stumbled on some good stuff on there, but it's mixed in with so much clickbait garbage that I don't want to waste much time on it.

    Any suggestions?
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    This is the only place on the Internet I visit after a big fight because it has SPOILER TAGS so that you don't spoil the result of a fight for anyone else. I can't express how angry I am at you properly without breaking the ToS.

    The answer is YouTube. If you want to "study" fights watch YouTube. UFC and other promotions are releasing free fight footage all the time. Same with ONE championship.

    Now take out that part about the match.
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    Sorry, I should have thought of that. It's all over the news this morning so I didn't consider that people wouldn't know.

    I can't see how to edit my post or attach a spoiler tag in the meantime. I had a quick look through the rules before posting but it doesn't mention this. Might be worth someone adding that.

    (I have reported my own post)
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    I don't think it's against ToS to spoil fights but it is definitely against ToS for me to start swearing at you.
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    It may not be against the ToS, but as you rightly point out it is bad form. I hope a mod can do something before it spoils the fight for anyone else. The rules that get posted to the subforums should really include standard etiquette as well as the stricter aspects of the ToS.
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    Glory kickboxing. It's all on YouTube, officially and legally, with just a couple weeks delay for even the big fights (like Rico Verhoeven v. Badr Hari 2).

    GLORY Kickboxing

    If you go into playlists, they even have all the fights from particular events organized into playlists (so you can easily find everything from Glory 72 Chicago, or Glory 73 Shenzhen, all in one place).
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    And if you're one of those odd people who actually enjoys watching a ground-game ;) while the UFC is stingy about what it puts on YouTube, Bellator puts a LOT of full fights on YouTube:

    Full Fights | Bellator MMA - YouTube
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