Best LEGAL self defense weapon to carry?

Discussion in 'Weapons' started by Adam, Jul 27, 2003.

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    Any chance you can back all that up with some valid documentation?
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    Most of the 'weapons' I listed are perfectly legal to carry as they are not weapons in the conventional sense. Carrying a torch is not unreasonable if it's something you have with you most of the time and can find a reason to use. Ditto deodorant. If you're carrying hairspray, make sure that you use the stuff, otherwise it'll look suspect. A leatherman is a multi-purpose tool, and if the main blade is under 3 inches, then it's fine.

    For the full text of the various Acts, see the following:

    Criminal Justice Act 1988:

    Offensive Weapons act 1996:

    Knives Act 1997:

    See also: which is a useful guide on the law from the Crown Prosecution Service

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    I'd rather not carry around a weapon. it's more fun fighting with your barehands against most opponents anyways. The most common weapon used nowadays are firearms. if they carry a gun and point it at you, any weapon would be too slow to draw anyways. a handgun would have to be unloaded and safety locked to carry around safely. imagine trying to load it when someone's attacking, that'll take about 1 minute. You are better off either coffing up cash or running.
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    I agree with the idea that it's bets to cough up the cash when facing a gun, but I disagree about carrying an unloaded pistol. Depending on the safety features, it's best to carry it loaded and be well practiced in drawing and removing the safety. For example, on mine the hammer has to be pulled back to full c ock (there is a "half" for safety) and there is a switch to lock it when it is c ocked. Different pistols have different safeties and its best to examine them carefully before getting one to carry. But, do carry loaded, just exercise caution.
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    Or... snap your Achilles tendon :eek: , then as you recover you always have a stout walking to hand. :D
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    i useually use anything im wearing as a weapon!
    belt~whip techniques
    necklace~ (depending on the length and weight you could use either whip chain techniques or nunchaku style)
    spike wrist band ~ brass knuckles
    sash~ use to trap and entangle enemys limbs and wepaons!
    fan~ obviously fan techniques
    umbrella~ i have made my own style for this one! ^^
    unbent safty pins~ throwing needles (takes awhile to get used to)
    and if all else fails just use yours hands ,feet, knees etc.
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    Surefire E2D Defender

    This flashlight looks like a nice replacement for a kubaton, hestitan, yawara stick.

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    my mum got her bag searched at the airport and they found a pair of nail scissors (pretty lethal they were, long, thin, and sharp) they allowed them through on the basis that the blades them selves were to small to cut deep (but the scissors themselves could stab a good few deadly inches into you)

    stupid sometimes

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