Best LEGAL self defense weapon to carry?

Discussion in 'Weapons' started by Adam, Jul 27, 2003.

  1. Adam

    Adam New Member

    If I wanted to win a streetfight at all costs, I would bring my fathers siamese scimitar to the fight. However, it is heavy to carry around with me, makes unsightly bulges in my pants and makes it possible for the police to pick me up for being a looney.

    What is good and legal to carry with you for self defense? I tried fooling around with a key ring, it seems to me to work in theory. yes/no?

    Pepper spray is by the way illegal to carry here.
  2. grandmaster mat

    grandmaster mat wataaaahhh!!

    fists, feet and the will to win! also elbows, head, knees, belt. anything
  3. Marku

    Marku Banned Banned

    a belt wud be fun to use *whips there behinds* lol
  4. Cudgel

    Cudgel The name says it all

    a really big knife? Or even better a concealed firearm.
  5. Pugil

    Pugil Seeker of truth

    In the UK: ------------------------------------------------------------------------

    What is an offensive weapon?

    An offensive weapon means any article made or adapted for causing injury, or intended to cause injury.

    It's the Law!

    The Prevention of Crime Act 1953 (Section 1(1)) states that:

    'Any person who without lawful authority or reasonable excuse, the proof whereof shall lie with him/her, has with him/her in a public place any offensive weapon, shall be guilty of an offence.'

    Did You Know?

    That an offensive weapon is any bladed or sharply pointed instrument.*

    Did You Know?

    That things classified as offensive weapons can be carried in certain circumstances:


    at work

    for religious reasons

    weapons worn as part of national costume

    Did You Know?

    That canisters of CS gas sold as self-defence to women are illegal in this country.**

    That antique weapons become offensive weapons if carried in a public place with the intention to cause injury.

    That a flick knife is an offensive weapon - no question.

    * Under the Criminal Justice Act 1988 (section 139)

    ** Under the Firearms Act 1968

    It's not worth it!

    Question: " What happens if you are caught with an offensive weapon?"

    Answer: "It depends on the weapon and the circumstances."

    Did You Know?

    That if you're caught carrying a weapon in a public place it's up to you to show that it wasn't made or adapted to cause injury.

    That if you carry an offensive weapon for someone else, you're still breaking the law?

    If you are found guilty of carrying an offensive weapon you are liable to: imprisonment, a fine or both.

    If you are found guilty of carrying a sharp instrument or blade you are liable to: a fine of up of £1000.

    If you are found guilty of making, selling, hiring, lending or giving a sharp instrument or blade you are liable to: imprisonment, a fine of up to £5000, or both.

    If you are found guilty of unlawful wounding (causing bodily harm with or without a weapon) you are liable to: up to 5 years imprisonment.

    If you are found guilty of grievous bodily harm (a serious injury) you are liable to: life imprisonment.

    If you are found guilty of manslaughter, attempted murder or murder you are liable to: life imprisonment.
  6. cyclepath

    cyclepath New Member

    Only applying to goodold blightyi did the weapons bits on the YODA's site

    The basis of British law in relation to offensive weapons is opposite to the rest of the judicial system, i.e. in most other proesecutions the peosecution must prove beyond all reasonalbe doubt that you are guilty, in offensive weapons the onus is on you to prove innocent possession.

    In all reality you can carry what you want, just dont get caught with it!!!

    Carry things that you can use and claim that you were just carrying for an innocent reason.

    eg. perfume or aftershave instead of a manufactured chemical irritant. a pen can be used quie effectively.
  7. waya

    waya Valued Member

    Your mind is the best weapon you already carry. And you can't be arrested for it. 9 times out of 10 you can get yourself out of a situation by out thinking the pther party. Saves on medical and legel expenses.
  8. SoKKlab

    SoKKlab The Cwtch of Death!

    A cane or walking stick is mainly legal, but if you are young, the cops will hassle you for carrying it, particularly in Urban areas. If you can act, then fake a bad leg when they try to suss you out (just make sure you remember which one and stick to it).

    At this point I'll be a responsible adult and say carrying weapons bad etc. But I would understand if you had yrself a 'situation' and you felt you needed a littlesomethingextra to even the score...

    Remember plain old house keys are sharp and hurt alot when rammed into various bits of the body. And many other normal pocket items as well, without having to resort to 'Deadly' weapons.
  9. Jazman

    Jazman New Member

    personally I just carry a decent sized pocket knife. Still need to go get a nice big one though, maybe later today... So carrying knives in the UK is illegal? I know I would have a problem with that and about 80% of the people I know...
  10. cyclepath

    cyclepath New Member

    you can carry a knife in the uk but the blade must be under 3" in length and be a folding knife with no locking or releasing mechanism.

    So if a knife is of any use as a tool you cant carry it!!!!!!
  11. Jim

    Jim New Member

    The simple fact of carrying any 'item' with the intention to cause injury to another person (regardless of if it was a self defence situation) is constituted as being illegal.

    The reverse isn't the same, however, so that if you were carrying a bloody big sword around with the sole intention of opening cans of beans, you could still be arrested with the same charges.

    As Waya has said, your mind, and as Matt has said, your fists, feet, etc. Anything else you're leaving yourself open to prosecution. Further, if you even typed in this forum that you carry your keys to use on an attacker or mentioned it aloud to another person and you did use them in an encounter and the other person's legal rep. got hold of that information, they could easily use it to show pre-meditation on your part.

    Things to think about, guys and girls...
  12. thiaboxr2

    thiaboxr2 New Member

    A pocket Leatherman( multi-piece tool set ). Legal, Here anyways. You will still have to fumble trying to open it up in the heat of the battle.

    A finger nail file. for your ' dirty fingernails '.

    If you carry a comb, you can sharpen one end of it.

    steel toe'd shoes or boots.
  13. SoKKlab

    SoKKlab The Cwtch of Death!

    I only use my keys to open the door...
  14. pgm316

    pgm316 lifting metal

    If you have a dog its a good excuse to have a chain dog lead in your coat pocket, maybe not if your in a nightclub though! ;)

    Intent is the big problem, but you could carry a hard backed book, tin of beans, and various tools & equip might be of use. I'd carry a stick if I thought I was at risk. But I've never carried any weapons except the dog lead when I'm walking the dog.
  15. Solane

    Solane New Member

    I use to carry a stick when walking my old dog, but dont with the new one as she just wants you to throw it all the time. :)
    My old dog wasnt much for fetching stuff you throw. the new one is though or would be trying to eat the stick. :)
  16. Nimrook

    Nimrook New Member

    Chinese fighting cane with the head of a dragon. I walk with a limp anyway so no reason not to carry a weapon with me in the process.
  17. Darkflight

    Darkflight New Member

    My instructor bemoans the fact that the police frown upon walking sticks, as he thinks they make excellent weapons.

    We Brits are really in the deep end over weapons aren't we? If I ever learn kobutan techniques though, my Maglite will come in handy :)
  18. Nimrook

    Nimrook New Member

    exactly they do make great weapons and you can always pass them off as a tool. Especially if you have anything that impairs your walking
  19. johnson

    johnson Valued Member

    I know many people who use carabeenas (spelling?) on their key rings to use as a knuckle duster.

    looks quite painful to me though
  20. BlackBeltCookie

    BlackBeltCookie New Member

    Someone pulls a knife on you, and you are empty handed -- or are you?

    A credit card provides a nice sharp edge. The question is can you get it out in time? What if it is buried in the folds of a wallet?

    I always carry a ball point pen. While it's not great for slicing, it is wonderful for poking -- into muscles, eyes, and other vulnerable areas. (Not that I ever have)

    Do you have a comb? The tines could definitely rip the skin around the wrist. And they might hurt if raked across a villain's face too.

    What else to you have?

    I don't condone the use of weapons unless used under strict supervision in the confides of the dojang. But unfortunately the reality is that people on the street don't live by our rules.

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