Belt Icons for Kuk Sool Won

Discussion in 'Kuk Sool' started by Wolf, Apr 21, 2005.

  1. Chrisval

    Chrisval New Member

    Our organization added a Red/Black

    We also have a green belt between Yellow and Blue.

    So for someone who trains very regularly our promotions look like this:

    Year 1 White to Green
    Year 2 Green to Red
    Year 3 Red to Brown
    Year 4 Brown to Red/Black
    (we call this Dan Bo Nim, first belt we recognize by title)
    Year 5 or 6 1st Deg Black

    We do not recognize any of the colored belts by title (ja ti etc)
    Brown Belt gets 4 stripes prior to red/black promotion

    I am a (2nd degree red stripe) blue belt testing for red belt in August and started training in this style in Oct far so good!
  2. ember

    ember Valued Member

    My TKD dojang did that, the candidates belts were half red, half black. I also saw several belts like that in Korea.

    We've talked about the stripes before, in other threads. I'm a little fond of my stripes, they give me a marker for where I've been. There are also a lot of differences between what I can do now, and what I could do when I got my second stripe, so I think that like belts, they help visually calibrate a class.
  3. KSW_Martley

    KSW_Martley Valued Member

    Each black stripe also represents a tiring 4 hour test. That is something in itself to be recognised.
  4. Wolf

    Wolf Totalitarian Dictator

    not in every school. Mine represented (note I only needed 6 stripes) 4 two hour tests and 2 3-4 hour tests.
  5. KSW_Martley

    KSW_Martley Valued Member

    Yeah. I know it can differ between schools, I should have stated that. :) All of our DBN's have 4 hours tests each time. But still, this many stripes DOES signify a lot of hours and endurance in these testings, to me, that is good.
  6. ember

    ember Valued Member

    Not to mention all the practice in between. Lesseee...

    1st stripe - 2004 World Tourney. VERY memorable, nothing like starting out on the wrong foot :eek: But the rule was there for a very good reason. We turned it around, and in the end I had fun. I don't think I'd heard of the ?Venezuela? forms before seeing it.

    2nd stripe - normal dojang testing.

    3rd stripe - SBN Mike, outside. Kingwood is very pretty, I really enjoyed that.

    4th stripe - KJN Jolly. He seems like quite a character too.

    5th stripe - SBN Perry. Ended up in the gimpy group on account of my partner.

    6th stripe - November. PSBN David. In some respects, just being there was a test. In other respects... it was one positive & constructive thing I could see through, when so much else was wrong.

    7th stripe - I'm not entirely sure who called. Another KJN, so I feel like I should know. Normal, it pushed me, but nothing in particular that stands out.

    8th stripe - a PSBN, and one tough test. But I like being challenged, so that was good.
  7. SatoriTheLush

    SatoriTheLush Valued Member

    Dahn Boh Nym are now supposed to use the black-brown belt as opposed to a brown belt with 2 black stripes. Here's a picture:

    There are then 8 possible black stripes on top of this belt.

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  8. Wolf

    Wolf Totalitarian Dictator

    I've been out of the loop for a while obviously, so I hadn't heard this. Anyway, I just replaced the old versions on my server with new ones, so the previous posts are automatically updated to reflect the new belt.
  9. hwarang cl

    hwarang cl The Evil Twin

    Its not mandatory, those who already are Dahn Bo Nyms dont have to get a new belt and re-stripe it accordinly. I believe WKSA is giving the school owners a choice on which they want to do. I like the move to the new belt for dahn bo nym, its looks more professional.
  10. kiseki

    kiseki beating shadows since '06

    I've seen DBNs people at my school both keep the old belt, and also get the new belt with several stripes, though every new DBN gets the new belt.

    If I liked the the horizontal stripe on my white/yellow, and my yellow/blue, I would probably like the new belt, but as it is, I can't say that I do.

    It seems so silly to get vertical AND horizontal stripes.

    ...unless you are one of those people with MANY stripes, the new belt allows for more room for that
  11. ember

    ember Valued Member


    Thank you for updating those, that was nicely done and very fast!
  12. SatoriTheLush

    SatoriTheLush Valued Member

    Yeah, most of our Dahn Boh Nyms at WKSWHQ kept their multi-striped brown belts. The common sentiment expressed when KJN Suh revealed the change in the standard was "Thank you, but I've become quite attached to my belt..."


    New Dahn Boh Nyms are getting the new belt, though. I doubt member schools would be forced to do something like change existing Dan Boh Nym's belts when the HQ school isn't even doing that.

  13. hwarang cl

    hwarang cl The Evil Twin

    Ya, I dont like the vertical and horizontal stripes. I'd prefer if say after 4 quarterly tests, they would just give them a belt that is reversed of what is shown above, so black on the edges and brown in the middle. Kinda like having master and Senior Master, We could have dahn bo nym and senior dahn bo nyms, and get rid of the whole striping thing altogether. This would also help with classes, I dont know about anyone else but its kinda hard to pair people up for techniques and counting stripes, with the different belts( dahn bo nym and senior bo nym) it would make it easier at-a-glance, to see the different rankings.
  14. Wolf

    Wolf Totalitarian Dictator

    Was bored, so I thought, "eh, why not." ;)
  15. kiseki

    kiseki beating shadows since '06

    We have at least one DBN, who has 6 stripes, who hasn't tested since the change, but paid for the new belt.

    Back in one of my old threads, people talked about the electrical tape seeming tacky. Now that I have seen belts with stripes of some type of fabric, professionally sewn on, would any of you guys switch your schools (whether you have one of your own yet or not) to these? They do look pretty sharp I must say, and I wish that all of my stripes from here on out were the vertical fabric.
  16. ember

    ember Valued Member

    My TKD dojang used the vertical fabric sewn on, many years ago. I got one piece of tape on one side of it when the instructors deemed me ready to test.

    I guess at this point, since I won't be getting any more tape, I really don't care either way. I understand the argument that the stripes are not a true "rank". The color belt tape is durable enough, and serves the purpose.

    Our belt testing fees are cheaper for stripes than full belts, probably in part due to the cost of the new belt and certificates. If we went to full belts, the stripe tests would probably cost more.
  17. kiseki

    kiseki beating shadows since '06

    Ours are $20 for every test, and we always get a new belt.
  18. JSun

    JSun Valued Member

    I'm partial to my belt. I like the old school. All of my friends who've promoted to JKN had the black tape. It worked for them, it works for me. My instructor told me to pick up a new belt for standardization, but I haven't been able to bring myself to do it yet.
  19. Willow

    Willow Valued Member

    I put on whatever Master Lee hands me at promotion and I don't really care what it is, it will change in about two months anyway.
  20. JoKyoNimJey

    JoKyoNimJey Valued Member

    I concur. I don't need some fancy fabric.

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