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Discussion in 'General Martial Arts Discussion' started by hongkongfuey, Sep 18, 2003.

  1. Kskah

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    I'm interested in learning MA. I've been looking into what each offers (videos, articles etc) and I've decided that Muay Thai would be the one I'd like to learn. However, there're no gyms in the local area. In a year though, I will be moving due to university studies and it just so happens that there are Muay Thai classes taking place at the university gym.
    That's besides the point though. What I want to ask is what kind of training should I be undergoing in preparation for Muay Thai, or any martial art for that matter? Specifically to this one, I do some shadow boxing, practicing the moves to get the feel for them and so on. I'm asking about "gym" stuff though. I've been working out with weights for over 2 years now, did both strength training and volume (bodybuilder fashion) training. I've been slacking off on cardio though, so in order to increase my stamina, I definitely need to start doing that. But when it comes to weight training, what should I focus on? Low rep heavy weight stuff or some bodyweight, high rep/explosive work? A sample workout would be helpful as well!

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Hive

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    I would just focus purely on cardio if I were you. If you're not already training, shadow boxing may not be a great idea as you may just be repeating poor technique. Just get yourself as fit as humanly possible :)
  3. LeaFirebender

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    I would just get in shape. For most people that's half the battle of being a beginner - having the strength and energy to keep up with the higher belts. If you are already in shape you'll be a step ahead of most beginners
  4. Martial Padawan

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    I would suggesst you to go for Kick boxing / Taek wan Doo.
    And who knows, maybe you will fall in love with it and forget the Muay Thai ;)
  5. ellacooper

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    The theory behind karate is immense and complex, who is capable of learning karate does it requires any special type of body,age,weight etc or anything you would like to suggest to aspirates who are eager to learn karate.
  6. ellacooper

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    The physiological consequences of unbalanced breathing can be profound if it goes on day after day. The body starts to adapt both structurally (raised shoulders, tighter muscles, upper chest breathing, jaw tension, headaches) and physiologically (the body struggles to maintain chemical balance). Both mind and body are affected by 'bad breathing'.
  7. ellacooper

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    Voice can harm us very badly.A loud voice with full intensity can also take our life as it may cause destruction of nervous system
  8. Simon

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    Where are you getting your information?
  9. robertmap

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    Hi ellacooper, I think you need to quote a source (a reliable, medical or scientific one) if you want people to believe a claim like that.
  10. Kave

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    Given the fact that ellacooper is Australian, I can believe voice can kill. You are talking one of the more offensive accents at high volume. Firstly, the Australian accent is like fingernails down a chalkboard at the best of times. And secondly, there is no such thing as a quiet Australian. Combine these two facts, and I am sure that it quite feasible that an Aussie could talk you to death.
  11. aaradia

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    She can't post that as I am quite certain there is no reliable source for her claim. It simply does not exist.
  12. David Harrison

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    You mean like shouting "BOO!" at someone walking next to a busy road?
  13. Dario86

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    Hi guys how are you? Has anybody learned martial arts just watching videos on you tube??!
  14. Aegis

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    Not effectively, no.

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