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Discussion in 'Ju Jitsu' started by Amber, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. Amber

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    I've been training in MMA for the last two years, although I've been out of action for the last six months for financial reasons. It looks like my partner and I are about to get back on our feet, and I want to start training again. I am not sure whether I should go back to MMA, or start cross-training, and I was wondering what practitioners might think.

    My pros for starting jiu-jitsu
    -It's much cheaper in my area
    -My partner wants to train jiu-jitsu with me
    -I'm planning on becoming a security guard. Stand-up locks, especially wrist locks, are considered the best way for a security guard to deal with violence. My locks and wrist locks currently suck.
    -The self defense aspect of said locks would also be benificial to me.
    -Does jiu-jitsu train strikes? I'd love to get a more traditional striking technique, but I don't want to do it at the expense of my kickboxing technique.
    -My hip throws suck. My experience tells me that my throws could improve alot in a traditional martial art.

    My cons for stating jiu-jitsu
    -I don't want to lose my kick-boxing skills
    -I want my training to have sparring elements, and not just tap-sparring.

    My unknowns for starting jiu-jitsu
    -Does jiu-jitsu train strikes? I'd love to get a more traditional striking technique, but I don't want to do it at the expense of my kickboxing technique. (Yes, this is probably a slight contradiction).
    -If jiu-jitsuka do train strikes, do they spar? If so, do they spar with contact? I doubt I will find a full-contact dojo, but low-to-mid contact would be much preferable to tap-sparring.
    -Do jiu-jitsuka train weapons? MMA doesn't, and I really want some weapons training.

    I am considering training jiu-jitsu, and once a month going to my local MMA gym to train kickboxing/anything else, and I would be able to do this without (much) impact on my finances.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. righty

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    Hi there,
    Unfortunately I cannot answer any of those questions you are asking. Sure, I can answer for my own club and experience, but I won't be able to answer for what is available for you. There is just too much variety between schools and different JuJutsu styles.

    It sounds like you already know at least one dojo in your area. Your best bet is to just show up one night (or let them know before hand if contact details are available - it can be polite) and ask the main instructor before or after the class. And also watch the class yourself and see what you think. A lot of places will let you try a class for free too.

    For interest sake for my club the answers are yes, yes and yes.
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  3. evojm72

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    Speaking from my own experience in my club we trained very little in striking so I took up Muay Thai to keep me sharp with that side of things. We do throws aplenty and I agree you'll obviously improve a heck of a lot with those them the more your train. Weapons: plenty of weapons training (Bo, jo, nunchukas, Sai etc etc) althought I found them more fun than useful from a self defence point of view.

    As the previous poster mentioned go along to your club and try it out, check out their syllabus and if it meets your requirements go for it!
  4. MatsunoCj

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    yea like others said it all depends on the school. Different school train different ways with emphesis on different aspects even if they are the same style. So if i were u i would go by schools u may want to go to and ask if u can watch or be in a few classes (they usually let u) and see if it has what ur looking for.
  5. Alansmurf

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    I agree with the posts above, Go see and train then decide which one suits your personal needs .


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