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Discussion in 'Filipino Martial Arts' started by stump, Jul 18, 2002.

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    Hi all,

    Has anyone spent a significant amount of time not being able to train in an art they love? That's what happened to me when i moved away from Uni 2 years ago and found that FMA instructors are a bit thin on the ground in Sussex!!! The only time I got to train FMA aside from solo time was when i could coax (bully!) my mates into it, and unfortunately that wasn't very often. :woo:

    I was dead chuffed then as you can imagine to be invited by Melanie to her Arnis class as we live in the same neck o' the woods; an offer I took up yesterday evening. Traffic was very kind and I ended up at the training area about half an hour early where some of the guys including Mel were already doing some training. After general introductions a couple of us dived into an eclectic warmup of muay thai and judo before getting out the sticks for the class itself.

    Feeling well rusty, having been away from FMA for so long it took a while to get back into the swing of things (sorry - bad pun :)) but we had a great evenings training with the Arnis being followed by a practical self defence class. Excellent stuff all round! The self defence they teach seems very simple but highly practical and based on the 10 most common assaults for men and women in the UK. I have to say I learned lot from it.

    Special thanks must go to Zultan and Jez, the instructors (God I hope I have the spellings right :) ) and the other guys from the class who made me feel very welcome. And as for Melanie.....all I can say is .....guys - get back to those Marriage proposals and make them good ones :p
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    It was great to have new flesh join the Field of Pain Stump. Thanks for coming along and see you next week for class. :)

    (Zoltan ;) )

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