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Discussion in 'Training Logs' started by Bigmikey, Aug 17, 2011.

  1. Bigmikey

    Bigmikey Internet Pacifist.

    Eh, I've got short levers man. GREAT for benching, BAD for buying sweaters or shirts with sleeves. So its a trade off.
  2. seiken steve

    seiken steve golden member

    haha good for you, i've proper chimp arms, gotta get two inches added to each sleeve when i get suits!! good for deadlifts terrible for looking big or pressing.

    you going to post anything about how your eatting for this start back?
  3. Bigmikey

    Bigmikey Internet Pacifist.

    ya know... I hadn't thought about it but I could.

    Already had 6 scrambled eggs with 1 english muffin and a bottle of water.
  4. Bigmikey

    Bigmikey Internet Pacifist.

    Ok, The holiday through off my plans but, to be honest, I really hadn't hashed out my workout in detail yet so it really wasnt a big deal.

    I hit a sort of "entire upper body" kind of thing today. I figured since I was off my schedule anyway, I might as well just have some fun and destroy myself in a sort of general way. The plan moving forward is

    Tuesday: Biceps, Back, Traps

    Thursday: Legs

    Friday: Chest, Triceps, Shoulders

    Saturday: Legs, Deads

    That MAY change but I'm going to give it a try right now. At my stage right now these workouts should be short but I'm hoping that by establishing the split early I'll just grow into it.

    So, today the workout went like this:

    Stretches, pushups and some 'step-ups' on the bench on our deck. My knee let me know in NO UNCERTAIN TERMS that THAT was not smart. It's been angry at me ever since.

    20 minutes of heavy bag work. My stamina is starting to come back. I'm able to go much longer between bouts of wanting to pass out and die, lol. Was getting some good combo's today which means my hand control is improving as well.

    Flat bench: 135x20, 185x12, 225x6, 245x3, 205x7
    Incline low cable flies: 25x18, 35x12, 45x6
    Seated pushdown machine: 140x18, 190x13, 230x8

    Standing Military Press: 65x15, 85x11, 105x8, 125x5

    Standing Hammer Curls: 35, 40, 45, 50 (I forget reps - sorry)

    Curlbar reverse narrow grip lat pulldowns (I like using the curlbar because it's easier on my wrist than a short straight bar for narrow grip pulldowns): 100x14, 120x11, 140x9, 150x6

    In there I tossed in some lateral raises, jumping jacks and pushups just to keep myself sweating. I need to do WAY more back work. I dont think I could do a single pull up now and I used to be able to do 6 or 7.

    All in all, not awful. It's a start I suppose. Next workout is tomorrow: Legs and deads. Wish me luck!!
  5. Axelator

    Axelator Not called Alex.

    are your weights in kg or lb?
  6. Bigmikey

    Bigmikey Internet Pacifist.

    Pounds. They aren't where I want them to be yet but as I've said, its only my third workout in months. They'll get back up there though.
  7. Bigmikey

    Bigmikey Internet Pacifist.

    Ok last night's workout got cut short due to a slight kink in my trap/neck which developed during low pulley short bar rows. But I was pretty much done anyway. Here's the highlights:

    20 minutes bag work - hands are getting speedy again!!

    Three sets of pushups to failure (58 in total)

    Standing DB curls: 35, 40, 45, 35 - I forget how many reps... sorry...

    Incline DB hammer curls: 40, 45, 50

    narrow, reverse grip lat pulldowns: 100, 120, 130, 140 - really feeling those yesterday for some reason...

    seated low pulley, short bar rows, 120, 140, 160, 180 (only like 2 reps cause this is where I tweaked my trap/neck)

    Not bad. Sore already!! YAY!! Now if the kink in my neck could go away I'd be happy.

    Not sure I'm going to get out of work in time to make it home and get to class. At this point, being as sore as I am, that isn't necessarily a bad thing. Oddly, my intercostals are destroyed from those pushups. Lats are sore when I flare 'em out, biceps are solidly sore, forearms are tender but nothing too bad. ABs are sore! Must be from all the torso rotation while hitting the bag and the planking while doing those push ups. I'm in worse shape then I thought in some ways. Ugh....
  8. Bigmikey

    Bigmikey Internet Pacifist.

    Progress Pics?

    Hey everyone, I've been tossing about the idea of supporting my log on my site with progress pics taken every 2-3 weeks while I get back to being less whale-like. Would there be any interest in doing something similar here?

    I figured I'd see if anyone would find that useful or interesting before I took up board space with a bunch of pics of my ugly mug.

    Thoughts? Comments?
  9. 19thlohan

    19thlohan Beast and the Broadsword

    I'm sure anyone reading would be interested in seeing as well. Sounds like a cool idea.
  10. Ero-Sennin

    Ero-Sennin Well-Known Member Supporter

    Definitely. I have my lotion on standby.
  11. Bigmikey

    Bigmikey Internet Pacifist.

    LOL, I don't think you'll be needing that my friend. Unless you're a chubby-chaser, in which case you still wont need it because the sexiest thing about me is my wife :D
  12. seiken steve

    seiken steve golden member

    yeah, i tend to get decent feed back when i do so, sure you'll get the same.

    be cool to see how much size you've carried over your time off.
  13. Bigmikey

    Bigmikey Internet Pacifist.

    If by "size" you mean how big my friggin GUT has gotten then I'm HUGE! :D If you mean the mooskly kind... *sigh*... you TRYIN to make me cry??
  14. Bigmikey

    Bigmikey Internet Pacifist.

    Ok guys, here's the first pic in the progress pic series. It was taken before the knee injury so its a bit old. The goal is to surpass this. I'll take a current pic tomorrow night, or maybe Friday to show where I'm starting and make it official.

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  15. Ero-Sennin

    Ero-Sennin Well-Known Member Supporter

    Oh yeah . . . . you're real fat.

    ::grabs lotion::

    (sometimes I gross myself out)
  16. seiken steve

    seiken steve golden member

    still carry a very decent amount of muscle there like mikey!!

    your yoke is what i'm aiming for, jelly!
  17. Bigmikey

    Bigmikey Internet Pacifist.

    Thanks for the compliments but thats what I looked like BEFORE the injury. As I said, I'll post a current shot this evening or Friday night. The goal is to get BEYOND the pic I posted. So now you have an idea of what I want to shoot for in the medium term, tonight or tomorrow you'll see where I"m starting from. So STAY TUNED!
  18. Axelator

    Axelator Not called Alex.

    You looked lan for a ig guy before your injury, about 12% bf maybe?

    How tall are you?
  19. Bigmikey

    Bigmikey Internet Pacifist.

    eh, 12-16 maybe? I'm not tall. Only 5'9" so to weigh in at 265-270 is heavy. 284 (my biggest) was almost silly looking on me. My head looked like someone balanced a raisin on top of a watermelon, lol...
  20. Frodocious

    Frodocious She who MUST be obeyed! Moderator Supporter


    I was expecting gold lamé posing pants! ;) :D

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