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Discussion in 'Training Logs' started by axelb, Sep 26, 2017.

  1. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    forgot to add weights after BJJ

    20kgx5, 40kgx5, 50kgx5, 60kgx5, 70kgx6, 60kgx5

    Neck harness
    10kg 3x10
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  2. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    Friday 31st

    Squat 5x 20kg, 40kg, 60kg, 80kg, 90kg, 60kg

    Chin up 3x5

    Dumbbell shoulder press
    18kg 3x10
    Dumbbell curls
    18kg 2x10
    Leg raises 2x15

    Saturday 1st February

    Bench 5x
    20kg, 40kg, 60kg, 70kg, 80kg, 60kg.

    A steady walk for 1 hour, i didn't track the distance, approx 1.5 miles

    1 hour BJJ

    Ground work: side control getting the hip under near side elbow to head and arm choke.
    Same setup to kimura.

    Felt a bit run down, so the run and bag work was cancelled for a 1.3 mile steady walk (30mins).

    1 hour BJJ
    Kimura from side control setup over arms, and bringing up to a vaside,and a variation kimura from Sidecontrol.

    A few items i need to work on, under half guard reversal- i have been studying and i couldn't set up quick enough.
    Back control, i can get to this so i will review maintaining the position (instead of rushing a sub).
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  3. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    felt a bit run down/sore - so called it a rest day.

    some sort of cold virus or I'm run down - the sniffles mostly along with all over aching. I could go to training and would possibly get something out of it, but out of respect for others, if it's a cold virus I don't want to spread it. Calling it another rest day :(
  4. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    ok so i didn't truly rest.
    A 15 min walk and light lifting

    Deadlift 5x 20kg, 60kg, 80kg, 60kg

    db shoulder press/curl superset
    18kg 2x10

    Neck harness 5kg 2x10
    Leg raises 2x 10
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  5. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    opps missed it out last week's training.

    Monday/wed BJJ

    2x1 hour

    Turtle to back control, 2 variations.

    X pass variations.

    I didn't do anything else apart from walking 30 mins a time most days as i was feeling fatigued.

    Tired at the weekend, so more rest.
    By Monday i felt well enough for BJJ

    1 hour
    Drilling side control failed hip escape where they block your hip, roll away and bridge over into turtle, to double leg.
    Alternative to stuff the far arm between legs and set up reverse triangle.
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  6. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    Tired and hurting, my plan to run was reduced to a gentle 20min walk which may as well have been a swim as torrential down pour soaked me to the bone!

    Felt more tired with ended with an short nap just after lunch.
  7. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    Wednesday BJJ 1 hour
    sciscor sweep, and the sweep with variation to triangle, also some more focused work on triangles.
    Glad to drill this as all of these I suck at, very rarely pull them off in sparring.

    light lifting as still not feeling 100%, and didn't want a relapse by going back too soon to normal.

    5 reps of 20kg, 40kg, 60kg, 60kg
    Squat (low bar back)
    5 reps of 20kg, 60kg, 60kg

    dumbbell curl 3x10 18kg
    neck harness 5kg x12, 14, 15
    leg raises 3x10

    stretching 5 minutes.


    2.4 mile run 23mins 9'45" min/mi 153bpm avg HR.
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  8. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    I've been a bit slack on the logging again.
    This is partly due to frustration at my health. I managed to get to BJJ 2 times a week consistently, 3 on a rare good week.

    The rest of training not so great, often asthma, weather and general fatigue is making running short slow, often changed to a walk and rare, lifting once a week on a good week, and keeping it low volume and light.

    Overall the I'm avoiding writing it down as it frustrates me when i cannot train, and it feels like I'm constantly working the running and lifting back up to the mimimum level at best.

    /Vent over

    I'm hoping things improve when the spring gets going.
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  9. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    Asthma sounds really annoying. I hope you get better, soon. But it's great you still keep doing stuff. Honestly BJJ twice a week, and sometimes lifting, etc. doesn't really sound like slacking to me. :) Don't be too hard on yourself.
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  10. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    no BJJ for many weeks now.

    I'm lifting at home 4 days a week and skipping 3 times.
    Because of asthma i must stay in the house for 12 weeks.

    Once a week we have online lesson, 2 times a week we do remote fight discussion.

    I made a grappling dummy, it's not the same, but it will do for now.

    Staying safe, and i hope everyone else is too.
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  11. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    carrying on with my routine, nothing exciting, but I'm managing to keep it in schedule.
    4x a week lifting
    Monday: bench and pushups
    Tuesday morning: skipping, Shadow boxing, BJJ solo drills stretching.
    Wednesday evening: BJJ drills, grapple dummy followed by squats
    Thursday morning;skipping, Shadow boxing, BJJ solo stretching drills
    Friday; bench
    Saturday morning skipping, Shadow boxing, stretching. Afternoon: pull ups, deadlifts, leg raises.
    Sunday; unplanned, sometime Shadow boxing, stretching.

    It feels good to have my strength creep up again to what it was, I'm keeping effort levels 7/10 so that I don't drain myself in case any of us get the virus.
    Weight has pretty much stayed the same.

    I hope everyone else is keeping safe.
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  12. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    It's really cool you can keep a routine like this by yourself!
    I hope you stay safe, too. I understand you are still staying at home all the time?
  13. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    Yes I haven't left the house since it started. Another 6 weeks to go at least.

    The kids and wife occasional go out to the local field of its empty, which we can see from our house.

    I'm so glad I've got something set up, I think I would be bored of calisthenics by now.
    My daughter started using the treadmill also as I gave her my old polar watch. It seems to be good motivation for moving (along side Pokémon go).
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  14. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    Oh, wow. That is a long time, good job.
    I have sort of used the quarantine to go outdoors to watch birds to places where there are not many people. ...

    I hope the following weeks will pass quickly. At least you have stuff you cna work out with. That's great. I hope the pandemic will soon be gone. At least as much as it can be gone.
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  15. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    Got a grapple dummy for my birthday,
    Filling it up and getting the gi on for a bit of fun :D

    I took the day off for my 40th. Lifting and skipping on other days.
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  16. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    Weight is unsurprisingly up.
    For 8 weeks I've been missing the 3+miles of walking ever day (school run and dog walking) along side BJJ and running.
    So even though I get 4 lifting sessions and not so much cardio, I've put on about 1 stone /6kg.

    I need to reign in the intake and up the activity, I'll probably add a few treadmill walks as I'm finding the skipping hard on my shins/feet and I'm too heavy to run in the treadmill.
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  17. Travess

    Travess The Welsh MAPper Supporter

    They could probably stick that on a T-shirt, once this is said done!

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  18. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    So they let the high risk out once a day to play.

    I'm keeping the risk low by going out at 5/6am and at a local field which is rarely used.

    Getting the running mileage slowly up, it's going to be a very slow process as I'm heavier and running on grass is hard on my lower legs which suffer in the best conditions.

    Still watching statistics and news and feeling frustrated that UK is one of the worse affected, which means longer before getting back to BJJ, I have no idea when I'll see it open again, but I feel it won't be until a vaccine is available to be; probably not this year :(

    Amongst my usual workout I've been doing the 25 pushups a day, every day for 25 days.

    One of those viral challenged things to raise awareness for depression and PTSD.

    The kids are getting involved on some days.
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  19. axelb

    axelb Master of Office Chair Fu

    I finished the 25 days of 25 pushups.

    Running was progressing, managing 1-2 5k runs a week and a few 1-2 mile runs.
    Still lifting 3-4 times a week, and I eased up on the squats.

    Changed it up a bit this week and did sprints. Possibly a mistake, as my knee is clicking, based on how it feels I'm suspecting a meniscus tear.
    I strapped my knee up and avoiding any running and heavy leg work for at least a week.
    I'll carry on with bench, and probably change deadlift to rows, or straight leg deadlift.

    Probably doesn't help that my weight is up to 15stone 7lbs, so it's time to focus on the diet more.

    Dog still needs walking, so I'll make sure it is just walking for me when we go out.
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  20. Nachi

    Nachi Valued Member Supporter

    Sorry to hear about your knee. :( I hope it gets better, if it can.

    Good to hear you are going out, though! :) I suppose it is still going to take some time before you are able to go to classes, but going out is probably good enough for now :)
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