*ATTN* STUDENTS IN LONDON (New Muay Thai uni society)

Discussion in 'Thai Boxing' started by CKava, Mar 30, 2006.

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    Ok first to the MODS: I hope this doesn't count as advertising but I don't think it should since there actually exists nothing to advertise yet! And plus Im making no financial gain now nor am I set to make any in the future out of this, I just think it would be beneficial if the main students union in London had a Thai boxing class running at it and need some help to sort it out.

    Now onto business: I'm looking to get a Thai Boxing society set up at ULU (universities of London Union near Tottenham Court Road) and I'm wondering if there is anyone else who is A) a university student in London (doesn't matter what year or how much experience you have) and B) willing to help the society by either:

    1. Being one of the three officers who oversee the running of the society- if you want to do this we are going to have to meet up and discuss what needs to be and what your role would involve.
    2. Helping to promote the club when its started at your university by sticking up posters (which would be supplied), having a stall at freshers fayre or things along those lines.
    3. Signing up as a member- this wouldn't rope you into attending, paying or anything like that its simply we need 20 members from 4 different universities to get ULU to recognise the clubs status and give us space in their facilities.

    I've already got a potential instructor and I can supply all the necessary equipment so all I really need is support and people to help me get it organised. Also since this will be a student orientated club it should hopefully be able to offer more affordable training than is common in most Muay Thai gyms in London which is good for poor students such as myself! I realise asking on MAP might be a long shot but if anyone is interested either respond here or send me an e-mail... my address is on my profile.

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