Anyone here study Choy Lee Fut?

Discussion in 'Kung Fu' started by Mo Lung, Mar 27, 2003.

  1. Mo Lung

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  2. PantherFist

    PantherFist Valued Member

    Hi Mo Lung, I practise Choy Lee Fut in Newcastle, under my Sifu (Edmund) Ng Ho Tak. How about you?
  3. Mo Lung

    Mo Lung Hard work!

    Good lord! I wonder if we were seperated at birth!? I just checked your profile.

    I started in Judo and karate, but not for long, then studied Lau Gar for about 5 or 6 years under Neville Wray. I studied other bits and pieces for a while after that, but now I live in Sydney and have studied Chan Family CLF under Master Chan Yong Fa and Sifu Lane Louie for the last 6 or 7 years.

    I'm aware of your sifu, but never met him. He has a very good reputation.
  4. PantherFist

    PantherFist Valued Member

    Thanks Mo Lung, in all my 15 years in the martial arts, my sifu is the best teacher I have ever trained under.

    You yourself are so lucky! to be training under such a well known and highly respected Sifu. I must say I am quite envious of you, to be training under master Chan Yong Fa a direct lineage holder of the Chan family Hung Sing branch of Choy Lee Fut.

    How do you find the style, compared to all the other styles you've trained under and have come across in your travels.

    The only other person on this forum that I know trains in Choy lee Fut(but there could be more) is 'Eddie' from South Africa, who is from the Lee Koon Hung lineage.
  5. Eddie

    Eddie New Member

    Thats me.

    While on the subjec, maybe I can interest you both in our seminars. Master Li Siu Hung and Sifu Joe Keit will be teaching some seminars in SA in October this year again. We have various seminar options availale, from basic CLF - Intermediate - Advanced. Definatly worth the while.

    We will be posting more detials on our websites ( and soon, but if you need more detail, please feel free to contact me at We even have a free accomodation option available, which means you only have to pay for the flight, the seminars and your food. All is charged in Rands, which makes it even better for people from Europe.

  6. sn0w8lade

    sn0w8lade My knee gone POP!!!!!

    Hi Im part of the choy lee fut clan!!!!!!!!

    I train wit Sifu Ng Ho Tak and also apparently wit Chaz???????

  7. PantherFist

    PantherFist Valued Member


    Now all I we have to do, is try to figure out who the other is.

    What's your first name?
  8. Mo Lung

    Mo Lung Hard work!

    I am very lucky, I never forget that! Mind you, I did travel to the other side of the planet in order to study with my Sifu. Oh, and because I married an Australian girl... I guess that had something to do with it too.

    It was like coming home. In all my training, this is what I had been looking for. I couldn't imagine a different art for myself now. CLF rules! ;)

    Anyway, glad there are some other CLF folks on the boards.

    Eddie, sorry, mate, but SA is a bit out of the question for me I'm afraid. However, I am going to China in December, which should be a great trip. Any CLF student is welcome to come. Check out and look for the Return To The Origin trip flyer.
  9. Eddie

    Eddie New Member

    Mo lung,
    Last year I received an invite from sisuk howard choy for the return to origin tour but at this stage I cant make it. At this point, Im saving all my money for training with Master Li, but I am still planning on going along with you guys in the near ffuture. Next year, our association might also be having a similar trip to HK and China (fat san) to visit places of interest for our own lineage, so that might be cool too. One day, if our sifu allows, I also want to visit your master to learn some of your chan family style.

    Molung, chazz, and snow, consider this a standing invite. when ever you feel like coming down to the 3rd world, feel free to call me :). We are all brothers.

  10. Mo Lung

    Mo Lung Hard work!

    Thanks Eddie, right back atcha! ;)

    A good way to learn some Chan Family stuff is to come to the China tours. This year will be the last one for a while open to non Chan Family practitioners.

    However, save up your pocket money as we are going again in 2006 and that's going to be a huge one - 200 year anniversary of the birth of Choy Lee Fut Founder Chan Heung! Imagine the party! :D
  11. sn0w8lade

    sn0w8lade My knee gone POP!!!!!

    Ha Ha Ha!!!

    It's Little Dave!!!

    The sappling as appose to the tree!!!! :D
  12. englishpremier

    englishpremier Valued Member

    seems this thred has been dormant for quite sometime.

    I've just joined these forums and practice choy li fut at the hung sing schools UK, under sifu and simoa neil and Jo willcott respectively, both are students of grandmaster Doc Fai Wong.

    there seems to be a real lack of CLF poeple on these fine forums. I've only got another year left of uni then i'll be leaving and so will need to find another school, somewhere in the midlands or south east of the UK. anyone know any good schools?
  13. CFT

    CFT Valued Member

    Forgive the ignorance, but did CLF originate from Fatshan (Foshan) or feature prominently in your history?

    It just seems incredible that it was such a Mecca for martial arts: e.g. Wing Chun (Leung Jan/Yip Man) and Hung Gar (Wong Fei Hung/Lam Sai Wing).
  14. Siu Mui Fa

    Siu Mui Fa New Member

    I've been studying Hung Sing CLF for 3 years in Southern California. There are a huge number of schools here, seven just in San Diego County.
  15. englishpremier

    englishpremier Valued Member

    I believe hung sing is run by grandmaster Doc Fai Wong, as his head quarters are San Fran, thats probably the reason for a huge number of school in CA. If you don't mind me asking what frindge are you?
  16. Siu Mui Fa

    Siu Mui Fa New Member

    My schools are in Grandmaster Doc Fai Wongs line. However, my school only uses fringes for Tai Chi students. I just got my blue sash last month which is halfway up the sash progression. As a matter of fact, Grandmaster is coming down to San Diego this weekend for seminars. I've enrolled in the Siu Ba Gwa and am very excited.
  17. Shortfuse

    Shortfuse King of Hearts

    i just started. very recently
  18. Siu Mui Fa

    Siu Mui Fa New Member

    Good luck with your training Shortfuse, for me it has been an very rewarding experience.
  19. englishpremier

    englishpremier Valued Member

    i missed the seminars with grand master in july last year, he was here teaching joint locks and trapping, kung fu applications and t'ai chi over a 4 day period. I won't be making the mistake of missing it this time round. hopefully i'll have done my intermidiate grading but i doubt it as i still have another 2 forms to go, only just managed 9 star as i used to get stuck on the reverse.
  20. Siu Mui Fa

    Siu Mui Fa New Member

    Yeah, after you switch sides it gets confusing. My training partner always messed up the flowering when we switched. Luckily, there were a bunch of people testing before us, so we got a *lot* of practice with everyone. Which school do you attend, if you dont mind me asking? My school is the Mira Mesa San Diego White Dragon.

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