Another 'Ninja' patrols the streets.

Discussion in 'Ninjutsu' started by SpikeD, Aug 27, 2011.

  1. SpikeD

    SpikeD At the Frankenstein Place

    Here is the news report.

    and his website, ho-hum (be warned you will have your ears melt from the bad tunes blasting out from the site.)

    Question: Why is it only 'ninjas' that patrol cities in search of wrong doings? Why not a karateka or capoerist?

    Also lol at this. "I do not go around looking for crime but when I am out Ninja’ing and come across any, I will stop it and I have done over the years,"

    Ninja'ing, everyone knows it's spelt ninjering. :)
  2. Simon

    Simon Moved on Admin Supporter MAP 2017 Koyo Award

    Wushurichard would be proud.

    If I saw him in an alley I would either punch him because he looks a threat in that stupid outfit, or laugh.
  3. slipthejab

    slipthejab Hark, a vagrant! Supporter

    or both. :p

    On a more serous note... so what's the deal with that sword on his back... surely that can't be legal?! And so if it's not a sword.. it's then what? A prop?
    The whole electrical tape thing around his wrists and ankle is a chuckle-worthy. Jeebus. He's got that radio on his shoulder... but err... who's he going to call?! His wife?
    Surely he's not got access to call into a police frequency? The bat frequency? I dunno....
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  4. SpikeD

    SpikeD At the Frankenstein Place

    I particularly loved the movie-fu 'concentrating of the chi' thing he was doing with his hands in the news vid. That and the growl.
  5. Chris Parker

    Chris Parker Valued Member

    Hi gents,

    Welcome aboard. We've known of Ken Andre for a while, you'll find a few threads about him already here. Frankly, I think it's sad that such things get reported as "news", as all it is is a chance to laugh at the boy, feeding into his delusions, and validating his behaviour. He should be locked up before he gets stabbed or shot.
  6. slipthejab

    slipthejab Hark, a vagrant! Supporter

    It would be pretty inspiring for the kids and all... to a point. I mean when they're just little nippers that see the world through kids eyes it'd be pretty awesome to have a crime-fighting ninja dad...

    then you grow up and realize your old mans a posing nutter and it becomes dead embarrassing then you are stuck the rest of your life seeing a therapist to deal with your shame and self loathing. Sheesh.
  7. slipthejab

    slipthejab Hark, a vagrant! Supporter

    There couldn't possibly be another physically more awkward and inefficient way to sneak around.

    *I must carefully carry this large Ostrich egg... I must carefully carry this large Ostrich egg

  8. Chris Parker

    Chris Parker Valued Member

    Ha, agreed. Oh, and it's not a sword on his back, it's a foam-covered bokken... so it's basically a soft sword shaped stick. That he has on his back. Where it's damn hard to get to. Tied down so it doesn't move. Hmm.
  9. Kuma

    Kuma Lurking about

    The firearms in this picture just look odd too, don't they? I wouldn't be surprised if this was some staged photo with fake firearms in an attempt to look cool.

  10. Fu_Bag

    Fu_Bag Valued Member

    lol... Nice ninjery thread. :cool:

    Thanks to all for the chuckles.

  11. Seventh

    Seventh Super Sexy Sushi Time

    Oh dear dear dear.
  12. Yohan

    Yohan In the Spirit of Yohan Supporter

    He says he's not out looking for crime and that he's not a vigilante at the end of the video. He's out walking around in a ninja suit. Ridiculous.
  13. slickoneuk

    slickoneuk Member Supporter

    Oh dear goodness, one of Yeovils finest!
  14. mattt

    mattt Valued Member

    Question for those who do not study Ninjutsu - can you see the ball of blue energy he is molding and shaping in his hands ready to launch at wrong doers?

    I think it is only us trained in the Takamatsuden arts that can see this as when I asked my wife what she thought of my Buyu and his blue balls she looked at me funny.
  15. Kagete

    Kagete Banned Banned

    Just today, I was *this* close to getting jumped by stupid goddamn onlookers who thought I was picking a fight with the thieving kid I was arresting. It started with some stolen hair wax, and ended with handcuffing and me filing a charge for assault on a public servant.

    If this guy's still seriously interested in doing the public a favor without getting paid for it, I'd say he's not putting in enough effort on his day job.
  16. mattt

    mattt Valued Member

    I missed this one... but here goes for you people who don't bother reading the other threads and just decide to ask a question...

    Ninjer is the only real martial art. Karate cannot be used in a real fight because it has rules and you must wear a Gi to fight. Capoeria is for ladies who cannot cut it in BJJ.

    Now we cleared that up...

    Obviously he is going to be coming from a background of an effective martial art, one that regularly trains with foam sticks otherwise when it 'goes live' with a group of teams shooting at the Swans (obviously hating their recent promotion to the big leagues..) he wouldn't have a clue how to defend himself.

    Think before you post fool.
  17. Ular Sawa

    Ular Sawa Valued Member

    A guy in his thirties running about in a ninja suit & a fake sword. I'm surprised he hasn't been taken in for observation by the police. I'm shocked his wife agreed to appear on camera and let the kids be on there too. C'mon, he's a guy in his thirties who runs around in a ninja suit a night other than Halloween. I wonder what he dresses up for on Halloween?

    What a nut job!!!! I would love to see him do that around here!!!
  18. slipthejab

    slipthejab Hark, a vagrant! Supporter

    1) There are a lot of threads and a lot of forums here at MAP. So it's hardly surprising that not everyone hits every thread. In fact it's quite normal.

    2) Give it a rest already... there's no need for the name calling.:rolleyes:
  19. 2E0WHN

    2E0WHN Homebrew for idiots

    Is it me or did his wife say that "he is normal". Someone call social services. The numpties are breeding.
  20. Aegis

    Aegis River Guardian Admin Supporter

    If you're using Firefox with AdBlock, the evil tune on the homepage can be blocked permanently by adding *China_Wall(1).mp3 to your fliter list.

    Just in case you can't be bothered scrolling to the bottom to stop the embedded media player!

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