An Amazing Blind Martial Artist

Discussion in 'Disabled Martial Artists' started by mdgee, Oct 9, 2014.

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    I haven't got time at the moment to read the article, but there are some great blind or visually impaired martial artists and in the Judo world in particular.

    Some of us were lucky enough this year to train at the MAP Meet with In Rose, papralympic athlete.

    The 2015 Map Meet will be in aid of the Childhood Eye Cancer Trust.
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    Simon, that's so cool to hear. :) I have a deaf son and he'll be training with me wherever we end up. I personally believe that the only disabilities that we have are the ones we hold in our minds. Unfortunately, society sees disability differently. Still, this guy is amazing.
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    Really it's an amazing story that you have shared here. I have a cousin who is blind and she is a good chess player. She was awarded with National award for her playing.
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    Mark, that is amazing. I remember a blind singer/actor named Tom Sullivan who was hero to me growing up. He wrote a book years ago called If you could see what I hear and it was made into a tv movie starring Marc Singer. Tom also guest starred on Mash during it's very long tv run. I remember him sharing how he saved his daughter's life when she fell into the swimming pool. He placed his ear next to the pool and listened for bubbles. Anyway, that is very cool about your cousin.

    Matt Hamill, the deaf MMA guy, is a big hero to our family. The man doesn't know the word handicapped. All of these people are to be applauded because they only see a challenge when the world sees a handicap.
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    He will have a blast with it - I used to have a deaf student in my UK class and it was certainly challenging, but really tests you as an instructor. In fact you actually get great insight into your discipline because you have to REALLY show the minutae of each technique

    I love the way people overcome their challenges!

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    Don't care what anybody says I could kill that guy and I have very little training.
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    Yeah, well. You're named Steve so joke's on you.
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    Great post OP thanks for sharing

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