Iam filming a shoe-string budget series.

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    Over the next year I will be filming an internet series, likely called The Real Kung Fu, or some such. I would call it a shoe string production, but that would imply that my budget was enough to buy shoes or strings. I am mostly going to be interviewing Chinese martial artists, as I am in China currently.

    Anyway, I am curious about what kind of questions would be good to ask. I am hoping to gain insight into what people think of their style, where they would like to see it going, and how they think of other styles, also what they (CMAs) think of western martial arts such as boxing, wrestling, ect...

    There will little, if any commentary from me, because one, I don't want to filter the information to the audience, and two, I am not an expert on martial arts and have a strong dislike for being wrong if a mistake is made. I simply want to provide people with a venue for gaining unfiltered access to martial artists and concepts they might not have living back in the western world.

    I would really like to know what kind of questions you would like to ask a martial arts master, or what kind of discussion you would like to have if you ever met such a person.
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    Is it just Kung fu your doing? Becuase I would like to see more martial arts documentaries, in the same vein as Mind body and kickass moves, which look to get a real insiders perspective on the world of martial arts.

    1. What is Qi, to you?

    2. What is your philosophy with regards to training?

    3. What are your thoughts on violence and war-fare?

    4. Do you think Martial arts in the west have been corrupted by heavy commercialisation... Mcdojo's etc

    5. Is their a problem with Mcdojo's/commercialised schools, here?

    Just some that I can think of for now :)

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