Alternative applications for Taegeuk il jang

Discussion in 'Tae Kwon Do' started by Oerjan, Sep 12, 2015.

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    I like these kinds of exercises... good for remembering the moves and for deeper thinking about applications. I also like how it's presented.... nice text and pictures. The only suggestion I would add involves the arm bar... I bet if you turn just a little and come in 'hip-to-hip' to apply it, you'll get better pressure (and/or a better position in the blind spot if it doesn't work)
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    That is true Thomas. I turn hip to hip if my aim is control, but only about 90 degrees if my aim is to finish with a strike. 90 degrees puts your strike on a direct line toward the head. The strike is more awkward (in lack of a better word) from the hip to hip position. Glad you liked it:)
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    Oerjan, welcome to MAP.

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    Thank you for letting the links stay. I will look through the guidelines before posting more posts.
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    A. I am not a KKW Guy
    B. I acknowledge that the possibilities and details can be never ending
    C. With these types of apps I feel it invaluable to teach how pressure points can be used to get more "Bang for the Buck" They will not make bad technique good, but will make good technique better.
    1. For the wrist Grab / low Block application your forearm should target the radial nerve. This will cause pain and a head turn reaction positioning the mandibular angle for a knockout strike.
    2. For the Grab wrist / arm bar attack / trigger the tricep tendon which will weakon the knees facilitating an arm bar.
  7. Oerjan

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    Thank you for your valuable input Master Weiss. I wholeheartedly agree with that sentiment. But I would not limit that to applications like these, but in all applications of Taekwondo. I am not a "Chang Hon Ryu" guy but I like the training secrets of Choi Hong Hi, and if I remember correctly he told us to know and familiarize ourself with the vital points and how to attack them so we could chose the correct tool for the job (paraphrasing wildly here).

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