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Discussion in 'Tai chi' started by EmptyHandGuy, Apr 20, 2020.

  1. David Harrison

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    I thought Chi is the old anglicised version of the Chinese and Qi is the modern anglicised version.

    Ki is the anglicised Japanese and Korean, as far as I know.

    Never seen chie or chee written.
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  2. Nachi

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    I agree with what is written above, plus I think "qi" as in energy and "chi" in Tai chi are, in fact, two different words. If I remember correctly, I heard they are also pronounced a bit differently.
  3. Dan Bian

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    In "Wade Giles" romanisation, the martial art of "Tai Chi Chuan"

    In the modern Pinyin system, the martial art is "Tai Ji Quan"

    In "Wade Giles", the concept of "Chi"

    In Pinyin, it is spelt "Qi"

    The "Chi" in Tai Chi Chuan is different to the "energetic" Chi. Hence why it is spelt differently in Pinyin. Its a different word.


    May sound the same, but the meaning is different.

    Tai Chi Chuan/Tai Ji Quan translates as Infinate Ultimate Boxing Method.

    Chi/Qi is commonly translated/interpreted as "energy"
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  4. David Harrison

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    Yet they still confuse English speaking adults!
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  5. El Medico

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    Wade-Giles----T'ai Chi Ch'uan-note apostrophes.

    Pinyin---Taiji quan-note "Tai" and "ji" become one (WOW! The two become one.How.... groovy.)

    Wade Giles---ch'i,as in energy or whatever,note apostrophe.

    Why the Yale phonetical method never became the norm is beyond me.Pinyin has stupid rules (q = ch,for example) and Wade-Giles has stupid rules.With Yale one doesn't need to know any rules. But it never caught on.
  6. El Medico

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