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Discussion in 'Kickboxing' started by Gaz_1969, Jan 22, 2007.

  1. Gaz_1969

    Gaz_1969 New Member

    Hi all,

    Just saying hello, as I'm new to these forums. I've recently started kickboxing as another means to getting fit besides being stuck in the gym.
    I used to do shotokan karate when I was younger (18 years ago!) so I'm not completely new.

    I've been to two classes and thoroughly enjoyed them both and was surprised at how cardio-vascular intensive it was. :)

    The only down side is that I've skinned all my knuckles from the pad work and my hand are killing me, hehe.

    A couple of questions too :

    1. Judging from the state of my hands I reckon I need some wraps / gloves. I've had a look on ebay and the likes but there's loads of different types. Could someone point me in the right direction as to which type of wrap and glove are the best (popular).

    2. Is it possible to reach black belt within 2 years as the PKA state ?

    Thanks in advance.
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  2. rsobrien

    rsobrien Valued Member

    whatever handwraps you get, make sure they're mexican. Meaning they are stretchy.
  3. relish

    relish Valued Member

    Hi mate, with the handwraps the ones I ordered through my PKA instructor have done me fine. On the PKA website (www.pka-kickboxing.com) there's a video on a basic way to tie them, just keep practicing and it'll become easy.

    I started kickboxing December 2006 and I'm about to take my purple belt in 2 weeks, which would mean it's totally possible to achieve a black belt in two years if you're willing to put in all the effort needed. However just concentrate on learning the correct technique and increasing your speed, power and fitness during sessions and the belts will come naturally. The colour of your belt doesn't mean anybody is better or worse than one another, it's more a sign of who's been around longer so don't worry about it, nobody will think you suck because you don't have 'TEH ALMIGHT BLACKBELT' ;)

    Train hard
  4. As far as I'm aware the PKA only allow CIMAC approved products at their competitions. I don't know what you're allowed to train in but judging by this I'd say you were best to get CIMAC gloves/wraps. Personally, though, I like Lonsdale wraps.

    Different organisations use different guidelines - yes and no.

    Relish - you started last month and you're a purple belt? Was that a typo?
  5. Gaz_1969

    Gaz_1969 New Member

    Thanks for the replies.

    The black belt isn't the holy grail for me, it's just something to set my sights on. I appreciate that it is going to take ALOT of work (otherwise the world would be full of black belts :D ) so I am currently attending 2 classes per week and doing "bag work" at my local gym for 15 mins after I've finished my cardio session. (3 times a week)

    As you mentioned, relish: My immediate concern is my fitness. I've been doing cardio for 6 months and I was blowing out my *rse at the training session last Sunday so I'm definately still out of shape.

    I'll see my instructor about the wraps and gloves later this week.
  6. relish

    relish Valued Member

    JCH: Haha yer typo December 2005 sorry :rolleyes:!

    Yer the bagwork and cardio will definetely improve your fitness, however I find a few gym sessions a week has helped no end in my training. Power and speed have increased alot and obviously muscle size for body armour, possibly something to consider once you get into it.

    Definetely set your aims high yer, with the right attitude and dedication, just by which asking about this shows you have at least started your well on your way!

  7. k1ckboxer

    k1ckboxer Valued Member

    Hi Gaz,

    I would buy yourself a decent pair of gloves for hand a wrist protection, wraps on there own are not adequate.

    Checkout: www.kickboxingshop.com

    I guess its possible to reach black belt in 2 yrs at some clubs but what level of black belt you would be after that short time i do wonder (unless your talking about training full time).. anyone can become a black belt but would you really want to be one of those students you may see when training, and think 'how did they get that belt'.. surely you would want to be of a good level and other students to know you deserve that grade.

  8. Gaz_1969

    Gaz_1969 New Member

    Lol, funnily enough I was sparring with a purple belt last week and he kept dropping his guard. When I asked if he was ok, he said he was tired and I was making him feel dizzy because I was moving around too much. He also complained that his shoulder was hurting because I kept hitting him (that was the exercise - to try to hit each other's left shoulder) HAHA that's when I though "how the hell did you get your belt" ??

    Anyways the belts aren't that important to me now I'm really getting into it. I'm just looking forward to entering some competitions.

    Also I have some T-Sport gloves and they seem ok.
  9. relish

    relish Valued Member

    Yer man T-Sport are the only gloves we can wear in PKA I think =/ Anyway glad your enjoying it and giving them a good run for their money in sparring :D. You going to be at Grantham on Saturday?
  10. Gaz_1969

    Gaz_1969 New Member

    Yeah, looking forward to it. :D
  11. relish

    relish Valued Member

    You going to be fighting or just spectating this time?
  12. Through my time with the PKA I never wore T-sport gloves :D
  13. Gaz_1969

    Gaz_1969 New Member

    Spectating. I want to have a look round at the "pros" and see if it's something I'd like to pursue. It's a different ball game sparring in the club to actual competition fighting.
  14. relish

    relish Valued Member

    Trust me man it's awesome! :D

    JCH: How'd you get away with that? Took my mates old, unused gloves in on my first few lessons and got told it was necessary that I bought T-Sport ones, damnit lol.
  15. kickboxingidiot

    kickboxingidiot Valued Member

    Dont mean to disrespect anybody but a black belt you can get in 2 years time isnt worth the paper its written on.
  16. relish

    relish Valued Member

    I agree it's not really separating the elite from the noobs, but in my mind at least the belts are only a secondary thing anyway. The entire point of why I train is to be the best I can be, the belt is just a vague reflection of that.
  17. kickboxingidiot

    kickboxingidiot Valued Member

    This is the thing you see.
    Letting people have a black belt too early kind of devalues the belt which is why you have the attitude you have.
    I worked my a*** off for my black belt. I started martial arts when i was 16. I didnt get my Black Belt till i was 22.
    I also stayed at 2nd dan for 7 years.
    So the time i took to get my 3rd Dan i could have (in theory) been a 4th dan.
    I now respect my belt a lot more.
    My students respect their grades too because they dont get them on a plate.
  18. relish

    relish Valued Member

    Yer, definetely prefer if it was this way. It's a shame that the belts are devalued in alot of clubs because it can be a true symbol of skill :bang:. I plan to start BJJ in around a years time anyway so I'll try and get one that doesn't hand them out :D.
  19. Gaz_1969

    Gaz_1969 New Member

    Unfortunately the "easy grading" may be down to money (as usual).

    Here's a scenario...

    A kickboxing organisation has 1000 members and after 6 months these numbers fall to 200. How are they going to retain these numbers? Give them their belts quicker. That way they keep their members and most importantly their subscriptions. Cynical maybe but I'm sure "some" organisations think this way.

    It's like that in all walks of life. In the military, some people get promoted purely for retention purposes. I know, because I witness it all the time. :cool:

    Back on topic, I think if someone is too focused on getting their black belt, then maybe they're doing the sport for the wrong reasons. The way I see it, is that if you stick with it, train well and stay dedicated, it'll come when it's time.
  20. True, and it invariably IS, but that doesn't excuse it.

    If my club had 1000 members and it fell to 200, I'd be looking at why it did. I think it would be more due to coaching methods, personality or something else than just belts. Giving belts out short term may help, but once you''ve been figured out, numbers are likely to drop further because on top of the fact you have a crap coaching method, you lose respect in the kickboxing/MA community. This is purely hypothetyical, because our club will NEVER get 1000 members, but the point still stands.

    If you lose that many members just because your belts are hard to obtain, you must look at the type of people your club attracts. If somebody came up to me and said they were leaving because they didn't like my style, my teaching methods, my general personality then I would talk through the problem with them and see what I could do to improve the sitution. If it didn't keep them, my improvements would surely keep other students. If someone came up and said they were leaving because the grading system was too difficult or they wanted a black belt quicker I'd just laugh and point to the door.

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