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Discussion in 'Koryu Bujutsu' started by Freyr, Apr 3, 2008.

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    If my understanding is correct, Koryu Jujutsu evolved as essentially "grappling with weapons" if you will, that is techniques designed to neutralize the effectiveness of your opponents weapon while maximizing your own.

    The practice of completely unarmed grappling, while it may have occurred, was not originally particularly productive seeing as the best course of action for a disarmed soldier in battle is to run for a weapon...or just run.

    It would seem to me that the needs of modern self defense (of the worst case scenario variety) very much mirror the goals of Jujutsu as seen in Koryu founded for battlefield use - those being, as I understand, control of an opponent and neutralization of his weapon.

    I am not a practitioner of Koryu, and have not engaged in much directed research on the subject, so I am curious as to what actual practitioners think of this. I am also wondering if there has been any serious attempt to extract relevant techniques/concepts from appropriate ryuha for the purpose of developing, for example, police training or something of that nature.

    Hoping to breathe a little life into this subsection too :p
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    I've been off-forum for quite a while, so I'll make a very short intro first. I practice Tatsumi ryu. I became acquainted with it some 16 years ago, but I couldn't get, for diverse reasons, to it till a couple of years ago.

    Tatsumi ryu focuses on the long sword; however, I've found Yawara techniques (Jujutsu, sort of) with / against sword to be rather easy to imagine with baton. Bear in mind I'm not LEO, however.

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