£500 purse fighter wanted in the uk

Discussion in 'MMA' started by waz1, Mar 24, 2004.

  1. waz1

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    Fighterwanted in the U.K for the British Goshin Ryu,M.M.A Championships,on april 2nd.The purse is £500 pounds,you will also be put up in accomodation,for yourself and a corner man.The fighter needed must be over 100kg,as the opponent is 112kg.Any one interested leave a message hear or there email adress.
  2. Saz

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    Waz, don't post the same thing in multiple forum area's/spam the forum, or we'll have to suspend your account.

    I'm leaving this here since its on topic, and removing the rest.
  3. Sonshu

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    Let me know the details as I might know someone who can do it.

  4. waz1

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    leave an email or phone peter on 01915120152,get back asap please.il contact you asap if you leave an email,or send me private message cheers

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