4th Dan Re-Testing

Discussion in 'Tae Kwon Do' started by G50, Nov 20, 2011.

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    2 Years ago, I tested for my 4th Dan. I was able to do very well with the Stamina Test during the 1st week of testing. During the 2nd week of testing, I was able to pass the technical portion of the test.

    Then came the breaking. I had to break 5 Boards with a Front Kick, 5 with a punch, 5 with an Elbow, and finally 2 thick Bricks with a Palm Strike.

    Unfortunately, I was unable to break the Bricks and therefore failed the test.


    The next 2 years I was working hard and really becoming prepared to re-test and try again.


    At the re-test on Saturday, I only had to do the Brick Breaking that I failed. I struggled, but eventually pulled through. :karate: Unfortunately during my follow through my face hit the Cinder Blocks, and I broke a couple of teeth. :(

    This 4th Dan test was very special. I became the 1st TMA student to reach 4th Dan through the whole belt system, and really showed great Perserverence and never give up attitude to finish out this test.
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  2. Osu,

    Congrats Gaylen50 on your successful test and promotion. :)
    Sorry to hear about your teeth though! :(

    Can I ask you what you mean by that?

  3. G50

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    TMA or Bally's TMA is the name of my school.
    This TKD organization has been around for close to 20 years.

    I am the Senior Student of the organization, and because of that, I was the 1st to progress this far.
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    Congrats! As Old Kyokushin mentioned, sorry about the teeth!
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    Congratulations from me too!!! :cool:
    Hardworking and perseverance are the 2 qualities I admire the most in a person.:)
    I am sorry about your teeth.. Sounds painful, but it seems that your happiness and enthusiasm exceeded your pain.
  6. Thank you - I first thought that TMA stood for Traditional Martial Arts, as it is commonly used here on MAP.

  7. StuartA

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    Many congratulations, sounds like a tough test. Shame about the teeth, but its good that you have taken it in the spirit of things, though still sorry to hear that happened.

    Well done,


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