1960's Kajukenbo clip

Discussion in 'Kenpo' started by John Bishop, Apr 19, 2007.

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    So you either need to crush someones throat and kill them, or succeed on the off-chance they have plaque buildup that then shoots to their brain and causes brain damage in order to make them soil themselves....somehow I don't think soiling themselves is the greatest of their worries at that point. And when I RNC someone, I don't leave any room for struggle. It's why I take their back and secure them before attempting a sub, rather than just grabbing someone from behind and hoping for the best.
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    Hey. Why is Gary still banned? I thought it was for only three days. I'm getting troll withdrawl.
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    It has been quiet around here. Kinda nice though.
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    Some thoughts on the choke and grappling of days gone by.


    The choke is in all of the arts, just some like to roll around and smell the garlic of others I guess. :confused:

    I'll pass any more on it unless I can't stay standing, and ice picking, or kneeing to the head, or... well you get the idea I figure.

    Evans and Salmon is a very good example of my preference, but then sometimes you do have to get into the gutter it seems when on the street of no return, once you have been there it is tough to get to a normal naive life of most who post on this new blog thingie...

    Saw these again last night on UFC friday nite...http://www.thesweetscience.com/boxing-article/4899/evans-stuns-salmon-ufc-fight-night/

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    Ah, the good old days or so we like to think.

    I was and am proud of that tour of duty to my country that is true, not one I'd recommend to most, but they say today is better. Humanrights and all that.

    We were not considered human, we were excretement at the bottom of the ocean...How exciting.

    Join up and you to can be defiled beyond belief, and still be proud, and say... "Semper Fi"...If you live through it.


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