1960's Kajukenbo clip

Discussion in 'Kenpo' started by John Bishop, Apr 19, 2007.

  1. BGile

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    Well fortunatly that did not happen. But it does and that is the truth.
    7-10 seconds after you go out, it is bad news.

    How do you know I got choked out? You believe that? Want to believe what you mention, how did you come up with that???

    See you are just a little trouble maker, shame on you :Aegis:

    Never has happened, yet. :D

  2. Gufbal1981

    Gufbal1981 waiting to train...

    That just makes you pass out. You come to rather quickly if you are just being choked out. Training Sambo you are in a controlled environment to top it off. I doubt any capable instructor would not help the student come to. Once pressure is released from the carotid artery, the blood will start to flow freely. Watch a UFC fight where the guy gets choked out (Jeff Monson vs. Brandon Lee Hinkle is a great example). Brandon Lee Hinkle doesn't take a dump in the octagon. Your body only loses control of bodily functions to that extreme if you are dead.
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  3. Pacificshore

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    Well you know Gary.....doesn't like to get hit, but willing to be choked out with a diaper on :p :D
  4. BGile

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    No diaper :D I don't like getting hit true, been there done that, but if it is what needs to be done, so be it.

    Guf, it is a term called making them do the chicken (Choir Boy's Joseph Wambaugh)


    You really should not compare a sport choking out with a real one in the street, sometimes not letting go quick enough. It is one of the bad things that can happen when you mess with the man in BLUE as they say.

    Heck it was common practice during my time in LEO to even use the baton across the throat, not good for talking that is for sure.

    The Bar arm is brutal, any choke is bad for the body. LOL

    Diapers should be mandatory for the octagon, similar to a cup, good protection. Makes sense to me.
  5. BGile

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    Your last part is not correct, Bodily functions and permanate brain damage can occur in as little time as 10 seconds we were taught. Now it is stressed even more, to not hold more than 5 seconds.
  6. Gufbal1981

    Gufbal1981 waiting to train...

    Brain damage can occur, but it may not...that's the risk you run. I'm sorry. I've been KO'ed due to a choke and I didn't lose any of my bodily functions.
  7. BGile

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  8. DAnjo

    DAnjo Valued Member

    Gary, if I didn't already know you were looney, I'd check my own sanity. You have said on numerous forums (most of which you;ve been kicked off of) that you got the patch from Gene Lebell saying that he choked you out. Save me the laborious effort of digging them up and linking them here and just admit it Mr. Poopy Pants.
  9. KempoFist

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    Gary you crack me up. The REAL Str34t choke you are referring to is the same choke used in the ring, and the only difference is one causes a tap, and the other puts you to sleep (sometimes both put you to sleep actually).

    The choke RNC that makes you soil yourself is the one that is not released, and supposedly kills you, though I'm not so certain on the surefire result of you soiling yourself.
  10. DAnjo

    DAnjo Valued Member

    Gary just likes to blame it on being choked out.
  11. KempoFist

    KempoFist Attention Whore

    ZING! hahaha :p
  12. BGile

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    Read the link and quit being ignorant. Simple...

    Lets put it another way for you to understand. I personally have choked out many to cause them to soil themselves, it was a lesson to some on the streets, when killing was not what you wanted to do, but the next time you showed up (or others of your same suit) they did not want to have it done again.

    It was typical in the bad old days, still happens once in a while but lots of paperwork and days off or firing. Things have changed some for better some for worse.
  13. Nuck Chorris

    Nuck Chorris I prefer North South

    Not as much paperwork when you had to use stone and chisel.

  14. BGile

    BGile Banned Banned

    I am pointing out you want to believe what I say about the choke (because you are into the diaper smear) but don't want to believe other things. You are clearly looking for trouble. But that is fine children need to have their moments of being a child, (adults also).

    You are just playing games and that is fine, you are leading others to believe wrong also, a technique used for years regarding many things that have been spoken about by founders of organizations I have noticed.

    Funny really, but the joke is on you. If others care to smear and tell half or untruths that is their problem not mine.

    What is happening now on this board is bully bully and it is something that children (and adults) like to do. Especially on boards that allow it, I have noticed.

    You bring up my banning like it is a bad thing. It is not. When others don't want things to be brought up they have a way of handling it. Some boards ban others bully.

    Lets see you now have about 4 wanting to not believe the truth about choking or not, soiling or not.


    You are a hit man Dan, and doing a poor job of it in my opinion. Now that I have a truce with John, you are laying it on thick, to bad really. Pathetic is another term that is better fitting, for you and your kind.

    They want to believe it will not do what I say if held to long, you on the other hand want to say it happened to me. Funny really...Stupid is the term now because I have taken and posted good links, so they will be aware but still say ignorant things. Stupid is as stupid does, they say.

    I told Gene no jokes he understood and complied.
    If you look at many videos of Gene doing it he will pour water on people and make them think they urinated, which happens first (but they did not in actuality) it is how the world turns...

    If I was to have this thread over on a board that is mostly LEO or retired LEO they would know what I am saying is the truth. In fact if a citizen applied a chokehold on the street it is akin to attempted murder, or to cause great bodily harm. They had better have a very good reason to do it.

    It is not tolerated by less than LEO as a general rule. Even the LEO have to write pages of paper work to explain it, and go before hearings and investigations, to prove that it was needed. Not in my day though we used it almost daily (the group that was gang detail, and bad crime suppression)

    One reason you don't post at SJK, they tell you how it is and you call them names, LOL, you mention you are banned, that is another mistruth, you are not banned at all. You just choose to be obnoxious and they delete it. Simple...

  15. alister

    alister Huh?

    Snigger, snigger! :D

    No one else mentioned it and I couldn't help myself!
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  16. BGile

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    It is because some of us already knew, so what is your point? Are you making fun of his name? Many do behind his back, I have heard.

    If you would not have "Sniggered" it would have been better.
  17. alister

    alister Huh?

    I see a sense of humour wasn't standard issue in the USMC :rolleyes:
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  18. DAnjo

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    There is a difference between an air-choke (the kind banned by LAPD) and a blood-choke (the kind that is okay and just makes you pass out) rear Naked Choke is one of these.

    SJK did ban me. I can't access it from work at all because it has a constant IP address, and from home I can only get on it about a third of the time because of the rotating IP. I'm sure that Ted's masturbatory statement (are any of his statements not masturbatory? Hmmmm philosophical quandry methinks) regarding my banning due to my non-acceptance of the Mitose BS they spew is still up there for all to read.

    So were you Metro, or vice Gary? I remember your ******* on about your being an expert at bookmaking.
  19. BGile

    BGile Banned Banned

    I was both Danjo, typical Vice job last's only 2 years as per Department regs.
    You can go from there to Ad-Vice, but I turned it down, to go to Metro instead.

    If I'd have gone to Ad-Vice and not Metro I would still be on the Job. Ad-Vice is cush not much real things going on strickly Administrative and controling the Divisions and over see the way the Department does things. Not for me thanks. To much politics and I chose to be on the street working and doing what I enjoyed.

  20. Gufbal1981

    Gufbal1981 waiting to train...

    Gary, if you actually read the article like I did, you would have noticed that it was talking about something totally different than a RNC. This is what the article says

    " OK, so you've got a woman who's supposedly already in a very impaired condition, fighting against a choke hold which, in turn, would depress her respiratory system even more, cause Hypoxia, increase lactic acid, trigger arrhythmia, low heart rate, and low blood pressure. The more she'd fight, the more harm would have been done.

    Her struggling may also have caused fractures of the Hyoid bones and Larynx in the front of the neck. A condition which is fatal.
    This type of choke hold can also cause Plaque build up, in the arteries of the neck, to be broken off. The plaque would then go to the brain, potentially causing a fatal stroke.

    During this type of struggle, it is common for the "victim" to lose control of bladder and bowels, soiling themselves. It's also common for the "victim" to vomit, which goes into the lungs, causing Aspiration Pneumonia

    It's totally different. You're talking about a choke used in a controlled environment. Even in a tournament it's a controlled environment. There's a lot more happening in her body than just a choke.

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