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    1. Vegeta
      Wang shifu... are you still teaching?

      I've been learning Combat Submission Wrestling (Catch Wrestling + BJJ) and Combat Shuai Jiao looks REALLY FUN. :cool:

      Let me know! I would love to drive up NorCal and visit you. Obviously will pay for tuition.

    2. YouKnowWho
      寧輸跤,不輸把: “把”是指摔跤中的把位和搶把,把上功夫好壞在某種程度上反映跤手的整體水平。 ”行家一出手,便知有沒有”,因此,搶把在中國式摔跤中佔有重要地位。搶把貴在快、準、固,搶住自己得力的把位,便可控制對手取得進攻與防守的主動權,也就意味著贏了一半。相反,便輸定了。中國跤術的把位很講究,每個絆子都有相應的抓搶部位,如正襟、偏門、小袖、大袖、大領、前後中心舉。練把不但要練搶把,同時也要練開把,即解脫。否則便陷於被動。練好一把手並非容易事,需常年苦練,勤練不輟。

      It's OK to be thrown but it's not OK to lose your gribs (lose gribs means your opponent has 2 grips on you but you only has 1 grip on him, or your opponent has 1 grip on you but you have no grip on him). If you win on the grip then you have already win 1/2 of the battle because you have put your opponent in defense mode and you can attack him whenever you want to but he can't. Every throwing requires a precise grip. Not only you need to know how to grab, you also need to know how to break a grab.
    3. Mangosteen
      Some of the best wrestling advice ive read was somethign you said about the number of grips on your opponent (i think this was it, but please correct me):
      - ideally your opponent should have no grips for you to throw effectively
      - if your opponent has 0 grips, you should have one or more
      - if your opponent has 1 grip you should have 2
      - if your opponent has 2 grips, you should focus on braking them
    4. YouKnowWho
      I have seen this happen over and over. people here like to find bone in the egg. Since there is no 100% perfect clip, any clip can be criticized. Some people doesn't understand the difference between "skill development" and "skill testing".

      It's not whether you have said is right or wrong. If you just use one word that people here are not happy, you can turn a friend into an enemy.

      I can joke around in RSF and KFM forums because everybody there know that I'm not a serious person. I just don't joke around here because the audience are difference.
    5. eight diagrams
      eight diagrams
      hey youknowwho! I was just joking about PM cutting a wave of death and destruction, did these guys all really take me seriously?? Does everyone here always act like such a jerk haha
    6. RexKwonDo Jones
      RexKwonDo Jones
      Just the times we live in I believe :rolleyes: Positivity is a powerful thing.
    7. YouKnowWho
      I don't understand why people always like to put down others. This forum is no different.
    8. RexKwonDo Jones
      RexKwonDo Jones
      Hey there, I just wanted to thank you for always keeping it on the up and up with your posts. Everything you've imparted on me on this site has been great food for thought, and I really appreciate that you don't resort to feigned superiority to back up your points. Take care!
    9. finite monkey
    10. YouKnowWho
      Since I'm too old to compete. Glad to see others still compete.
    11. finite monkey
      finite monkey
      Glad to be on the team

      I have learnt a great deal from your posts...thanks
    12. 47MartialMan
      MAP has quite the selection of unique people, you among these. Glad to see you again.
    13. 47MartialMan
      Looks like you have returned
    14. Fish Of Doom
      Fish Of Doom
      you're back?

      if so, looking forward to seeing you contribute again :)
    15. Matias
      Good Luck :)
    16. 47MartialMan
      Same here. Sad to see you leave
    17. Kuma
      Sad to see you go. Good luck in life.
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