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    1. Smokemare
      Your website is very professional, especially for such a small group. I can see you growing certainly. I suppose I am uncomfortable with non-TKD panelists judging a taekwondoist, I've trained with lots of people and it's very possible to do the right technique wrongly, even generating power but generating it the wrong way. I suppose if you have the belief that the fact that a technique is fast, powerful and accurate then does it matter HOW that power is generated? You've presented me with another philosophical question to answer... Like I said in my post - when I was TAGB the board were 5th Dans and they didn't grade -they just patted each other on the back and awarded themselves Dans.

      The pre-juniors sounds similar to our Little PUMA's I don't know a lot about it though - I've never seen a class or been involved.

      Thanks for taking the time to talk, and not being offended.
    2. Smokemare
      6. I noticed on the website you advertise starting at 3 - 5 year olds, what sort of things do actually teach very young children?

      7. You mention weapons training on the website - where does this expertise come from? Is this UKTA standard? Are the weapons classes taken from another art - if so which one?

      8. Competition wise - do you have issues entering your students in national events? If so which events can/can't you enter? Do you tend have successful students at inter-organisation competition?

      9. How do you accredit potential instructors? Do you do all your own instructor training and accreditation?

      10. How far would you like to expand your organisation? Do you see yourself as having a small number of clubs within your area each with their own instructor? Or bigger than that?

      I'm sorry you've had a bad experience with your previous instructor - I hope that situation is fully resolved and you are able to put it behind you.
    3. Smokemare
      Sorry if it seems like I'm being a busy body or something. I don't like to see people being criticized unfairly. I had a look over your Taekwondo Hawks website, and if you can spare me the time I have a few questions I would ask you:

      1. Was the issue with UKTA organisation or just your particular instructor? What would you say were the good points about the previous organisation and the bad points?

      2. What sort of harassment & threatening behaviour? (I understand if you'd rather not talk about this.)

      3. What organisation does your club belong to now? How do you rate them? good and bad points?

      4. What made you decide to go alone, was it the experience with your previous instructor when you said you were starting a club - or had you intended to break away from the start?

      5. Who does your gradings? Do you grade all your own students? If so - who will decide to award you 6th Degree and above?
    4. Smokemare
      I am just interested as to why she appears to be getting so much bad press. I want to form an opinion on whether the criticism is fair.

      What was your experience good and bad?
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