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May 7, 2004
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Jun 10, 1977 (Age: 46)
England, Staffordshire

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ITF TKD 2nd Dan, 46, from England, Staffordshire

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Mar 28, 2022
    1. Guest49
      do u know any systema or karate clubs in stoke or newcastle mate?
    2. Smokemare
      Hmmm, I don't like the sound of the ITA, they sound like the antithesis of what I consider a good organisation. How about ITA style? Is it a good style? Are more ITF style sine-wave or TAGB style hip twist? What areas of syllabus do they tend to focus on?

      Do you have any idea why certain people are accusing you of being bitchy and back-stabbing? You seem very reasonable to me, but if people are making these sort of comments then usually somebody is at fault - and I don't think vague personal attacks are very constructive or helpful to anyone.
    3. wtkdh
      I have performed a physical test for all my grades & will again to achieve my 6th dan. All of the instructors in cmaa have different backgrounds in MA & would easily spot if i was doing a technique incorrectly.
      Gaining ranks in the ITA in the UK has become so easy (another reason i left) that it seems as long as you pay the fee & turn up you pass. One person gained their instructor status just because she was marrying one of the others. She couldn't perform all of the syllabus & still has to be reminded now.
    4. wtkdh
      The ITA was money orientated. The syllabus was forever changing making it very difficult to teach students. My boss wasn't interested in taekwondo anymore, just passing the time until he retires.
      cobra is one of the largest mixed martial arts associations in the uk. i don't know who will be on the judging panel when i grade but they have a complete manual of our syllabus so will therefore know if i'm doing the correct techniques.
      our 3-5 year old program is based on self-defense,stranger response,self-control etc.
      we don't decide who becomes an instructor, if the student wishes to then we test them for trainee (helping out in class). if they then decide to become a certified they have to go to cmaa for instructor course & exam.
      i would like to think that we could expand our base in the future. i'm very impressed that we only started just over a year ago & already have a club in 2 locations
    5. wtkdh
      i am charlotte. i just wanted to check first to see wether you were a previous student of mine. i left the old org due to my instructor telling me that i couldn't open a school of my own as he felt some of the students would go with me & put his club numbers down. i also had to endure harassment & threatening behaviour from him & had the police involved.
    6. wtkdh
      i have very strong views on charlotte waters. what was your experience with her? did you train together?
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    Jun 10, 1977 (Age: 46)
    England, Staffordshire
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    TAGB/ITF 1st Dan
    PUMA/ITF 2nd Dan
    Ex-exponent of Russian Systema, Lau Gar and Muay Thai.