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Discussion in 'General Martial Arts Discussion' started by orcslayer, Aug 1, 2006.

  1. orcslayer

    orcslayer Banned Banned

    So does anyone train in martial arts to learn effective ways to kill a zombie?
  2. firecoins

    firecoins Armchair General

    I killed 3 witches last night. I used tai chi & aikido because you move like water which makes them just melt away!

    Last week I killed a werewolf.
  3. WatchfulAbyss

    WatchfulAbyss Active Member

    I do..... I have killed two on the street, it's a "street effective" slayer style......
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  4. |MT|omar

    |MT|omar Thai Boxer

    i killed superman... twice
  5. Tommy-2guns...

    Tommy-2guns... southpaw glassjaw

    please tell me your being sarcastic???? and not some nerd who wants to have a ninja vs zombie war, i pray for us all.... if you are being serious, i imadgine a good baseball bat swipe to the cranium would put any zombie out of action better than any sword, after all, you have to be bloody good to decapitate.....your silly.


  6. |MT|omar

    |MT|omar Thai Boxer

    no im serious, i really did kill superman... twice :p
  7. Tommy-2guns...

    Tommy-2guns... southpaw glassjaw

    lol are you by some chance a horse:p?
  8. tkdkyle

    tkdkyle New Member

    Street zombies are pretty tough. You don't want a fight with them to get hand to hand. Instead you should allways have a flame thrower with you. Or some large blade. Those are good too.
  9. heim

    heim Valued Member

    geez, i can't believe people still walk around outside, i just fly around in my B52 packed with hydrogen bombs and drop em at any zombies i see, and all casualties would have ended up dead anyway
  10. tolchocker

    tolchocker Skittles!

    i would say the best MA for zombies is the art of kabumei

  11. iamraisen

    iamraisen Valued Member

    Dire Straits kills zombies. i saw it in a film once.
  12. Lily

    Lily Valued Member

    A bow and a bunch of flaming arrows for long-range and a chainsaw for close range combat.
  13. tkdkyle

    tkdkyle New Member

    WOW! Where's the local dojo?
  14. |MT|omar

    |MT|omar Thai Boxer

    also, if u get bitten by a zombie be sure to go to your inventory and use the Green Herb:
    It works in the resident evil games which were based on a true story... it happened to a friend of a friend of mine, serious
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  15. heim

    heim Valued Member

    i could go for some "green herb" bout now :p
  16. Guizzy

    Guizzy with Arnaud and Eustache

    I saw a while ago a hilarious movie called "Zombie vs. Ninja". It was ridiculously bad.

    Most of it was a movie about a young man learning kung fu from an undertaker to avenge his father's death at the hand of a cruel crime lord. All the while, in a totally different place (so different that it was not even filmed with a similar camera), a white plastic garbage bag ninja battles against hordes of black plastic garbage bag ninjas. The characters of the two parts of the movie never appear in the same shots, nor do they even seem to be in the same place when they're supposed to be, making it so ridiculously obvious that they added the ninjas simply to make the film cooler.

    So you might be wondering where are the zombies, in all that, right? Well, the undertaker kung fu master animates corpses to make practice dummies for him and his young apprentice. That's the extent to which zombies are actually relevant to a movie called "Zombie vs. Ninja".
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  17. Dragon Brush

    Dragon Brush Valued Member

    I usually sleep with them and not call them afterwards.... it kills them inside at least... :cry:

    ...now, how was THAT for going too far?! :D
  18. heim

    heim Valued Member

    omg i gotta see that, sounds so awesome :-o
  19. TheDarkJester

    TheDarkJester 90% Sarcasm, 10% Mostly Good Advice.

    I usually just get Richard Simmons in a wrist lock and manuever him around as a human shield while my vicious robot killer dog swims in from Hawaii with my laundry fresh and pressed with jello starch because I find sometimes regular starch makes them taste too sweet. Once my sensei told me you can make a great frappucino with gunpowder, thyme, oregano, and a lock of Justin Timberlake's hair, and I nibbled on my tea while I stood in front of Barbara Streisands house protesting the vietnam war in my spiderman underoos...

    *fumbles for hoimun-itis vaccine, jams needle into arm* I personally like stopping zombies with my rendition of Michael Jackson's Thriller dance.

    *throws arms up from one side to the other while stepping* CUZ THIS IS THRILLAAAAAH! :D
  20. ZombieKid

    ZombieKid New Member

    :cry: :cry: :cry:
    omg, this is soooo not fair...
    :cry: :cry: :cry:
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